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The Sunday Skim – Winter 2019 – Forty Four

Welcome to the Sunday Skim….  This is your weekly recap of all things style, home, entertaining, family, community and shopping!

What’s Been Happening.  If you didn’t see my post on New Years Day we are making some changes to the blog.  Change is good, right?  You can see that reflected in the Sunday Skim topics below.  I thought it would be fun to have the Sunday Skim directly reflect my new blog themes.  Want to know what the new changes to the blog are?  You can read about it here.

So what else has been happening.  Well the kids have been out of school for 2 weeks and it has been the wettest 2 weeks of my life.  I’m not kidding that it has rained almost daily since they got out of school.  We are all going stir crazy and I think they are begging for school to go back in session tomorrow.

Christmas was wonderful and probably the best one we have had to date.  It’s like that perfect year where they are all just so excited about the fun and anticipation.  We also had family in town so the boys got to see their cousins a few times which they loved.  We had a great time off but I’m ready to go back to the regular routine.

What to expect this month.  I wanted to add a new section to the first Sunday skim of every month so you know what will be happening.  I have two new collaborations that will launch in the next two weeks, we will be continuing our coverage of the LOFT and then lots of fun stuff about kids parties and of course Mardi Gras!

Style.  This space is going to be dedicated each week to how to style certain outfits or accessories.  All about the extras and how to put something together from expected to unexpected.  This week, since today is Twelfth Night,  I am featuring my three favorite accessories for Mardi Gras.

SpyGirlNOLA Majorette Boots.  My favorite Christmas gift.  If you haven’t tried these boots on you don’t know what you are missing for your feet during a parade.  Easy to wear al day and easy to clean.  Can’t wait to rock them on the route.

Golden Lily Mardi Gras Headband.  These are fun and easy to wear with your hair or a wig which makes them a necessity for the season.

Fleurty Girl Fleece Vest.  These vests are the perfect thing to have for a late Mardi Gras.  Will it be hot, will it be cold?  We have no idea but you can put this vest over a long sleeve for layering or with a short sleeve tee and still be Mardi Gras ready.

Home.  Today is Twelfth Night or Epiphany so Christmas is officially over and Carnival season has begun.  I am in the process of taking down the Christmas tree and putting up our Mardi Gras tree.  This was how we decorated for Mardi Gras last year.  There many different ways to decorate and celebrate carnival and I loved these ideas too.

Entertaining.  It’s King Cake Season!  People have one million opinions on who has the best king cake in the city. Just ask them and they will tell you all about it!  You don’t have to be in New Orleans to enjoy this delicious treat.  Want to make a quick and easy king cake?  Try this recipe.  Are you a baker and want to try something a little harder?  Try this.

Family.  The room in my house that gives me the most anxiety is our playroom.  I have tried to organize it one million different ways and it’s still generally a mess.  The only successful way I have found to keep it under control is to purge things regularly.  I really like this article and how they do their toy rotation.  I also found this article to be useful.  The truth is that a lot of the problem with the toys is us feeling like we can’t just get rid of things and the less they have the more they play with.

Midlife.  Fun subject.  Have you had your annual pap smear with your health care provider?  I will admit that this is something I have forgotten to do in the past because I was busy or couldn’t fit it into my schedule.  Wrong.  As women and mothers we need to take control of our health and make it a number one priority.  If you haven’t been to the doctor in a while make that appointment tomorrow morning!

Community.  King Cake Festival is quickly approaching and you can get all the updates here.  The event is free to attend but if you want to taste King Cake you have to get tickets.  All proceeds will benefit Oschner Hospital for Children.

Shopping.  FINALLY Target is having a sale on activewear.  All C9 Champion active wear is on sale this week as well as 25% off of home items!



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