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Throwing the Perfect Christmas Brunch

I have always wanted to throw a Christmas Brunch.  My extended family prefers to have lunch or dinner so I am the odd man out.  Two years ago though Christmas fell on a Sunday and I was able to use the excuse that it was brunch day.

Now our immediate family loves brunch.  We have brunch almost every Sunday but this was one of the first times I had hosted a brunch.  Because of our affection for the perfect meal I felt that I needed to throw the perfect brunch.

Which I did.

Holiday place settings
Hearth and Christmas decorations
Christmas tablescape
Holiday tablescape


holiday bar
holiday bar

When I am having several people over for a meal I like to have a bar set up to make it easy for my guests.  Having wine and beer easily accessible is great but also having a pre-made drink like eggnog, you can find my eggnog recipe in this post.  We also have the components to make cocktails like Brandy Milk Punch and Mint Juleps because we like booze.


The menu is the most important part of any meal that you serve.  When I was planning my brunch I wanted to make sure I had my favorite items and also things that everyone would enjoy.  This was my menu.

Deviled Eggs

Grits and Grillades

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Casserole

Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Hash

Brunch Eggs to top the hash

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar
Hot Chocolate Bar

The hot chocolate bar is pretty easy.  Obviously we all know how to make hot chocolate.  The trick is the fixings.  This time of the year is perfect for finding sweet toppings so look for things like chocolate chips, flavored creamer and whipped cream.  Some of our other favorites are things like peeps that can make a cute garnish!

However you celebrate I hope you have a Merry Christmas!  This is the last holiday post we will do this year.  I will have a few things for New Years next week but get ready for a new theme and a new look in 2019!

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