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Zara Comes to New Orleans

My very first Zara purchase…

The new Zara store has made it’s home at Lakeside Shopping Center.  Lakeside has spent a lot of time over the last two years curating a group of shops that are new and exciting to the area.  Stores like Madewell, Kendra Scott and Free People are helping Lakeside get back to being that desired place to shop.  The new look of the entire mall is helping with this too.  Adding a trendy and fashion forward shop like Zara was a great addition.

I have never shopped at Zara until they opened earlier this month.  I had browsed their shop online but was never quick to buy.  It seemed like their sizing may have a lot of variations similar to an H&M which made me hesitant to jump on anything.  Shopping in the store I realized I wasn’t wrong about the sizing.  There are a lot of variations to what is available and also how it fits.

In my opinion the quality of the products are definitely more elevated than an H&M but they aren’t on the same level as  Banana Republic.  The items that I purchased were well made and I can see them lasting through the season.  Places that I noticed flaws would be in some the knits and how the seams are sewn.  The store is also still really new so it seems like they are hit or miss on the sizes they are carrying in the store.  I am confident that this will improve as the store gets more into their groove and are able to anticipate their buyers.

All in all I give them a solid B+.  I am excited they are in the area and I have a new go to place to look for wardrobe pieces.

P.S. If you have a second check out their holiday collection because there is so much shimmer it may make your eyes hurt!



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