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The Sunday Skim – Fall 2018 – Thirty Nine

Welcome to the Sunday Skim.  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, social, news, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Sit back and relax and enjoy the Sunday Skim.

Fashion.  One of my favorite bloggers, The Motherchic, just did a collaboration with Social Threads on a capsule wardrobe from their collection.  I love her effortless style and really thought the capsule was well thought out and put together.  Check it all out here.

Family.  We had a family Christmas mini session go wrong this week.  No one would cooperate.  Not one kid.  We even prepped for the night with the promise of hot chocolate and it did no good.  You win some, you lose some.  One of the things I remind myself when everything goes sideways is that there is always tomorrow.  Yes, it is frustrating in the moment.  Yes, it is embarrassing when you can’t get your kids to smile for a single picture.  But you know what?  Oh well.  Tomorrow will come and I’ll hug my kids and another day we will laugh about that night mom almost cried after Christmas pictures.

Food and Drink.  It’s Thanksgiving week!  I posted a blog on Friday about my perfect Thanksgiving menu and table but then I thought about my most favorite thing about Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving sandwiches!  I am sure everyone has their own version of this but here is how we make our Thanksgiving sandwiches.

Butter two slices of bread with REAL butter.  Place in skillet and layer swiss cheese, turkey, dressing, swiss cheese.  Grill on both sides and serve with gravy on the side.

Health.  It can be hard to stay on track with your diet during the holidays.  Especially since I just mentioned making Thanksgiving sandwiches above.  One of the things I do at each holiday gathering I attend is bring a dish that I know I can eat and enjoy and won’t feel guilty about in the morning.  There is usually some kind of protein at any dinner or party you go to so eat your protein with the healthy side dish you provide and then if you have a few indulgences you will be good to go.

Social.  Sweets with Santa is a week from today.  Don’t miss out on this event.  It is going to be a ton of fun and the Santa pictures will be perfection!  If you are looking for tickets you can get them here.

News.  Y’all.  How this story is not about me I do not know.  I am ALWAYS fussing not to grab the garage door when it is on the way up.

Lifestyle.  Have you had a chance to shop our gift guide yet?  If not check it out here!  Most of these brands are local and women owned.  All of them have gifts that would work for Christmas and beyond.  Don’t miss out on our Cyber Monday event we will be doing next Sunday as a little preview of what deals they will have that Monday.  You can RSVP here.

Home.  Christmas tree hack.  I love to watch the special each year on how they decorate the White House for Christmas.  Several years ago they mentioned that the main tree is so large they decorate the branches inside the tree to create depth.  So each branch may have four to five ornaments on it going back into the tree.  Then when the light hits them you see the glittering through the branches.  I started using the same technique on my tree too.  Although mine is not as wide as the one they use so I only put one extra set of ornaments throughout the inside of the tree.

Beauty.  I received my Tarte Cosmetics box that I ordered last week when they were running their $63 special.  I got to try several of the products yesterday and have to say I am in love with the lip paint and the foundation.  I am going to do an Instastory to show you a quick five minute face with the products I chose.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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