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My goal in the second half of this year was to write about beauty once a month.  I am not a beauty blogger but as I have mentioned in the past approaching 40 skin care has become a much bigger concern for me.  I see these monthly pieces becoming more skin care focused and less about beauty products like makeup.

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I met Kara Adams with Beauty Counter several months ago when she offered me some products to try.  I immediately liked her because she was very educated about her product line and also had an approachable manner with a hustler spirit.

Beauty Counter is relatively new to the market after launching 5 years ago.  So much of the beauty industry is unregulated and Beauty Counter has made themselves known as a source for toxin free products.  Their goal is to make a healthier world by offering products you can trust on yourself and your family.

My personal experience with beauty counter

My initial experience with Beauty Counter was with the Counter Match regime and the charcoal mask.  I used the morning and evening products religiously for about 5 days.  Although it wasn’t long enough to see major results I was happy with the feel of the products and how little product I needed to use each day.

The last day I decided to use the charcoal mask and I also used it on my middle son.  Being prone to ingrown hairs around his hair-line I was hoping this would draw impurities out of his skin.  For myself I really found it to draw out a few things in my chin and nose.  For him it brought a few things to the surface but his continued use has brought even better results.  Using the mask on his hairline has really improved the amount of ingrown hairs he was getting.

We have recently added the charcoal bar to our routine.  I use it daily on my face and I also use it to cleanse his scalp after he gets shaved and then follow it up with the mask a few days later.  We are planning to add the charcoal oil to our list soon.

Another opinion

Skin care can be hard to review because it is so specific to your skin type.  I wanted to give beauty counter a full review so I asked my friend Amanda, my personal beauty guru, if she would be willing to try the products for a few days too.

Amanda and I have very different skin types.  I am more normal to dry with the occasional oily spot.  Amanda is more oily all over so I was interested to see if she liked the same products I did.

“I enjoyed all of the Beauty Counter products I tries.  All of the products were high quality.  I liked how they felt on the skin, how quickly they absorbed, and that they didn’t have a scent.  They were all thick and rich but light at the same time.  My favorite product was the charcoal mask.  It feels cool when first applied to the skin.  After washing it off, my skin looked brighter and pores appeared smaller.”

My two favorite products

Overall I really like all of the Beauty Counter products.  However I do have two favorites that I want to tell you about.

Sunscreen.  We struggle with sunscreen in our family.  Spending a lot of time at the pool means I shave my legs often.  Most spray sunscreens I have used have left me with a rash on my legs.  The Beauty Counter sunscreen did not have this effect at all.  You can tell as soon as you spray it that the feel is completely different.  More like a lightweight lotion that you would get in a bottle.  I have even started using it under my makeup, that is how light it is.

The other bonus of the sunscreen is my son Pax.  He has suffered off and on with eczema all of his life.  Sunscreen can be problematic because most of the spray sunscreens cause flare ups.  We stared using Blue Lizard about a year ago but it is thick and very white and does not absorb easily into his skin.  The Beauty Counter sunscreen does not cause any eczema issues and it also absorbs into his skin and does not leave any white streaks.

The Peel.  Kara asked me to try the peel when I was looking for a retinol.  I haven’t purchased it yet but it is on my list.  I love the results I was able to see within a few days and it is much less harsh than a retinol can be.

If you are interested in learning more about Beauty Counter you can visit Kara’s online site here.  She also posts sales and new products on her Facebook page which you can follow here.




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