Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Fall 2018 – Thirty Six

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, news, social, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the Sunday Skim!

What’s been happening.  Today is Harvest Cup Polo Classic.  Follow along with my day on Instagram @wefivekings and see what is happening.  Also, the silent auction is live and online.  You do not need to be present to bid or win items so take a look here.

Fashion.  Today is the last day of the Anthro Birthday Sale.  25% off of everything on the site.  They have so many amazing things available for holiday this is a great time to shop!  Velvet, lace and more!

Family.  Looking for some fun and easy pumpkin carving ideas to do with the kids this weekend?  Good Housekeeping has some great ideas here.

Food and Drink.  The weather is finally taking a turn toward fall.  This meal looks delicious for a cold fall evening.

News.  I really love Harry and Meghan and the announcement of their baby was so sweet.  Watch it here.  I also can’t wait to see how her maternity style develops.

Social.  Don’t forget if you are a member of Pelican Athletic Club we would love to see you at Fall Fest next Saturday!  Check out all of the details here.

Home.  Gray is the current home décor color trend.  You would think it is pretty simple to pick a good gray color but it is a lot harder than you think.  I can tell you this from personal experience when we redecorated two years ago.  you can find lots of different color schemes for your whole house on Pinterest.  I personally love this one.

Beauty.  It’s funny how sometimes you see a company name and just assume they are from a big city like New York or LA.  Sometimes when you look closer you will find they are in your own backyard.  Case in point, Kismet!  I knew they were a local brand but I didn’t know that meant right here in Covington until a few weeks ago.  I got to visit their studio this week and we have some fun plans coming up before the holidays.  For now check them out here.


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