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Skinny Jeans and Fancy Boots

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Have you ever come across a really fancy pair of boots that you wanted so bad but thought, “when will I ever wear these”?  I have done the same.  More times than I can count actually.  In the moment it’s hard to know when and where you may wear them.  So I started planning in case I came across the perfect boots again.  What would I wear with them…

To me, when in doubt, choose jeans.  Jeans really bridge the gap for a variety of things.  Jeans can be dressy or casual and anything in between.

Let’s talk about the boots.  I found these at one of our local resale stores, Style Encore.  I put them back two times before deciding I was just going to buy them and figure it out later.  They still had the tags on them and were priced under $20 so it was one of those purchases I was ok with making even if I never wore the boots. They aren’t comfortable but they are cute and sometimes being cute matters more to me than comfort.

Boots are a big-ticket item for me when I am shopping in the resale stores as well as jackets and bags.  All of these items are easy to find in good condition at a resale shop.  Shoes especially are generally picked over by the staff and they are only taking the best of the best.  I have managed to find several really nice pairs of shoes over the years that had never been worn.

So the next time you come across a great deal on a fancy pair of boots or shoes just splurge and then find a way to make them amazing!



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