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LOFT – Plus Sized Launch

{This post is sponsored by the LOFT.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.}

Ann Taylor LOFT launched their plus sized line a little less than a month ago. As a person who falls into those in-between sizes of women’s and plus sized, a place I like to refer as “midsized”, I was intrigued to see what they offer.

I have tried on a lot of plus sized lines and, in my opinion, a lot of it is done wrong. The LOFT has really mastered the art of dressing women well and their style remains the same from the women’s line through the petites. I was pretty confident that they were going to rock this plus sized line…and they totally did!

What’s wrong with plus size clothing?

The issue with a lot of plus sized clothing is that companies just make the clothes wider. If you have shopped in any plus sized stores you will usually see sizes labeled 14W, 20W and so on. This means that the entire garment is wider than the typical 14 or 20. This is great, but for many women we just need a little additional room in the chest, waist and hips.

A perfect example is jeans. I cannot tell you how many plus sized jeans I have tried that fit me in the waist but they are too big in the legs. I also find issues with length. Plus size items are generally made wider and shorter all over. I may need a 16 in a dress but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to show off my legs!

So how is LOFT’s Plus line different?

I went by the Lakeside store yesterday and tried on almost the entire collection with Alisha from I Am NOLA Bougie (Shameless plug… If you aren’t following her on Instagram you need to follow her here.). Both of us are in what I like to call the Midsized Range so we both tried on things from the women’s line and plus line to compare the fit.
What did they get right?

  • The entire line is the same as the women’s line. They didn’t try to make it a different line. For plus sized women this is a huge because plus sized ladies just want to be able to get the same dress their size 2 friend is wearing.
  • The line is inclusive from 16 – 26
  • The entire line is well-tailored and there is an obvious attention to detail. Rather than making the entire dress wider they tweaked certain spots to make the pieces fit a curvier frame. They also gave some of the dresses shorter hems while offering below the knee options as well.
  • The lines will change as frequently as the women’s line. Hallelujah! No more one line for an entire season. When the women’s apparel changes the plus will too.
  • So this means… SALE! We all know LOFT is great for their sales. Plus sized pieces will be marked down and included in the sales each week.

Was there anything they didn’t get right?

  • I personally would have loved for the plus line to start at 14. This was a comment we made when trying on the clothes. Because I fall into that in-between, midsized, area a few pieces didn’t work for me. However I was able to find so many things that did work that it didn’t matter.

The Plus Launch Party.

Thursday, October 11 from 5:30 to 7:30 LOFT Lakeside will be hosting an in store Plus Sized launch event.  But the best part is…  Everyone is invited!  The entire store will be open for shopping so bring your petite friends, your tall friends, your plus sized friends and have a shopping night out!

I will be there along with Alisha from NOLA Bougie to help you pick looks, get fitted and style your outfits.  If you want to get all the details and inside scoop than RSVP here.

LOFT Lakeside – 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie – 504-832-7277
or follow them on Instagram here

RSVP and come out and meet me!  I would love to see you and love to be able to share a drink and some laughs!




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