Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Summer 2018 – Thirty One

Welcome to the Sunday Skim!  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, social, news, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Sit back and grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the skim!

What’s been happening.  Well this week has been a doozy we shall say…  Last Saturday Justin and I went to the LSU vs SLU game and on the way back got a call from our sitter that Peyton was sick.  Insert three more days of alternating kids with stomach viruses.  In the midst of all of this we saw that Peyton was limping which turned out to be a broken foot.  He is now in a cast to his knee for the next three weeks.  By mid week things got back on track and everyone was back in school and on a normal routine again.  This is out first broken bone so if you have any helpful tips and tricks send them my way!

Fashion.  Spent a lot of time yesterday catching up on all the Fashion Week details.  The Michael Kors show had me on the edge of my seat.  I have watched the show over and over again and just cannot get enough.  Waiting to see how he translates the fashion show line into his ready to wear collection.  I have always been a fan of Michael Kors and seeing him take his classic sportswear lines and executing them with these luxe textiles just left me speechless.  Check out the slideshow here or video here.

Family.  Well we booked out first Disney trip this week.  We decided to make it a short trip and only do three days in the parks since the boys are still little.  We know this is not typically what people do but we went against all of the five day advice and think this is going to be perfect for our family.  Ali Quirk with the Mouse Detectives was a huge help to us with planning and probably made at least 8 quotes before we finally decided.  Now that it is booked I am excited that all I have to focus on is paying on the trip monthly and planning outfits.

Food and Drink.  I am not a huge fan of mushrooms but Justin is so I am trying to learn to love them.  Especially since one of his favorite things at Trader Joe’s is the frozen bag of assorted mushrooms. We both love bourbon and mushrooms pair really well with it so I am going to try this recipe over the weekend.

Health.  Tiffany loses weight take 20 probably.  It’s no secret that I struggle with my weight.  I have been trying to get on track myself for the last few weeks and it’s just not happening.  I signed up with Noom last week and am excited to try it.  I have been getting used to the program and playing around with the app but I am going hard core tomorrow.  Noom assigns you a health coach and their program is easy to follow.  Plus it’s all on your phone.  Check out more about the company here.

Social.  I have two events I am hosting that will happen on September 22nd.  The First is a pop up shop with Mackenzie and Me and Haute Dames Couture.  You can find out more about the event here.  The second is a skin care night at my house with Kara Adams from Beauty Counter.  Check out here for more details.

Lifestyle.  I have been working with Smile Brillant for the last few weeks whitening my teeth.  They asked me to try out their product for three weeks and give my opinion on it.  I am in week two and I am seeing amazing results.  I just started getting to the point where people are asking me what I have been doing to my teeth to get them so white.  I will be doing my before and after’s next week and also have a cool giveaway for y’all!  #ad

Home.  Did you catch my post Wednesday about my Fall Front Porch?  If you didn’t you can read it here.  Also, read all the way to the bottom for information on a giveaway!

Beauty.  Y’all!  Allison Smith is a hair queen and she is now taking clients and building her book at Paris Parker Mandeville.  Bonus!!! She is currently giving $20 off your first service.  Check it out here.




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