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The New Game Day

I have never been a jersey or t-shirt girl for football games.  I have tried them before and think there are so many cute options but it’s just not me.  Personally I spend time looking for dresses and outfits that can translate to game day.

Thus the new game day style.

The philosophy is pretty simple.  How to maintain your personal style while also embracing your favorite team colors.  The first thing for me is I am year round game day shopper.  We usually attend a few LSU games (purple and gold), Saints related events (black and gold) and we are SLU alumni (green and gold).  So in my regular shopping trips if something catches my eye I get it.  Exactly how I came across this little dress for the SLU game this weekend.

I saw this dress at Target in April and bought it with this exact game in mind.  It was the perfect combo of green and gold.  The SLU colors were bright and on point.

The common color in all the teams we follow is gold so that does make shopping a little easier.  Sometimes a mustard colored dress becomes the perfect game day dress for all of the occasions and I change out my accessories.

The only thing I am lacking this year is some good yellow jewelry.  I have been keeping an eye on a few pieces at Kendra Scott and also Golden Lily has some new deep mustards, greens and purples.


I came across this outfit on a recent trip to Target.  It’s yellow and not gold but I would still wear it to a Saints game or party.  My favorite detail is the puff sleeves.  Just a hint of girly-ness is what I need for a game day look.  On a side note this top is comfortable and the knit is small and fine so it is lightweight.  The pants are perfection.  Comfortable and the perfect length.  So many times I have to hem cropped pants so they don’t look too long and these fit exactly right.

Top /// Pants /// Earrings


Amanda purchased a skirt over the phone at Posh when she was on vacation and asked me to pick it up for her.  I walked in the store and this top was highlighted with a light from heaven and I am pretty sure there were angels singing.  I was 100% sure how I wanted to style is so as soon as I got back in the car I was like we are going to Target.  Drove across the street and grabbed this skirt.

It’s probably as extra as game day looks can be but guess what?  I give zero cares.  This outfit is cute with the wedges but I could put on a little sneaker and it would be just as cute.  Let’s be real, I am almost 40 and the chances of me wearing shoes like this to a game are zero.

Top /// Skirt /// Shoes


So if you have attended any games in the last year you know that there have been some changes with the bag policy.  Saturday night I did see that you could enter the stadium with a clutch but it had to be extremely small.  Using a clear bag allowed you to bring something in that was 12×12.  I opted for this custom made Kay-la Handbags clutch.  This one was stylish and fun and I loved that I could see my phone through the clear sides.  Total bonus.

Just like anything else in this post the clutch is much more my style than some of the others that I have seen.  I loved that she chose a cute fabric for me {FYI this is my fabric only so I have been told} and it added to my overall look.

Earrings /// Bag

I love seeing people wear their team colors in any manner they like.  This is a great time of year I the south and a lot of opportunity to hang out with friends and family.  Just know that if traditional game day fashion isn’t your style you can find something that will work for you anywhere.

Lion Up! Go Saints!  Tiger Bait!

Here’s to a great fall!



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