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Using Spring and Summer Colors in Your Fall Manicure

***Personal Note*** I have been struggling with a huge creative block for about a month.  Creating content has not been flowing or coming easily to me.  This post is one of the first in a while that just flowed.  Hoping my mojo is coming back.

Today is September 3rd and Labor Day.  Even though the temperature is still hot we are well on our way to fall.  September 1st just makes me start thinking about fall and winter and transitioning to darker colors.

I went to get a manicure Friday and asked to look at any new fall colors they had.  I went through the typical fall colors like navy and wine but several of the spring colors were still catching my eye.  I chose a beautiful neutral blush with a gold undertone.  It has a glimmer in the sun.

My mind works in what I like to call a “color story”.  You may hear me use this term from time to time, especially if we talk in person.  This is how my mind explains color.  When I think of an outfit, a room design in my home, an Instagram post, and so on I need it to tell me a cohesive story.  Many times we think of colors in a seasonal way but looking at the color story in its entirety rather than in pieces allows us to open ourselves up to all colors all year long.

It also helps create cohesive looks.

These are just a few of the color combos I was thinking about…

Blush.  We have talked a lot about the beauty or blush and olive.  Blush is such a beautiful way to do neutral.  A blush nail is almost as perfectly muted as a nude nail.  I personally love a blush with a little gold undertone but also appreciate it with a matte finish too.  Some of my favorite blush polishes are: OPI Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. and Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around.

Royal.  This is such a bold color for summer and I love seeing it in pedicures.  There is something special about a pop of blue on someone’s toes.  Transitioning this to the nails in the fall still keeps your manicure bright while taking it into that beautiful blue family for fall.  Royal pairs well with black and burgundy for fall.  Some of my favorites are: Essie Mesmerize and OPI Indigo.

Lavender.  Rather than a bright lavender with blue and pink undertones like we see at Easter think lavender with a hint of gray.  Lavender can be a beautiful color for fall and pairs well with gray and black and even burnt orange.  I personally love a gray lavender manicure with a deep eggplant pedicure.  Some of my favorites are: Essie Nice is Nice and OPI Grandma Kissed a Gaucho.

Peach.  Now you think I have lost it right?  Peach?  Peach is beautiful with navy and cream and black.  It also makes your skin look brighter which will help in the months your skin isn’t seeing the sun.  Some of my favorites are: Essie Out of the Jukebox

Yellow.  This is one of the biggest trends for fall.  Yellow is everywhere from dresses to jackets to shoes.  More toward the mustard side of yellows but really anything will work.  Yellow looks amazing with gray and blue and pink and so much more.  Some of my favorites are: ZOYA Darcy and Cirque Urbanized.

Looking for other nail inspirations?  Check out this article from Harper’s Bizarre and this on fall nail colors.

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