Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Summer 2018 – Twenty Nine

Welcome to the Sunday Skim.  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, social, news, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Sit back grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the Sunday Skim.

What has been happening.  Soccer started yesterday and we kicked off the season with both Peyton and Paxton making the first goals for their teams.  Yeah!  Pax followed his goal up with a Hat Trick (three goals in a row) and ended the game with 9 goals.  Peyton’s team was missing players because of Labor Day weekend so Pax was able to play up and join his brothers team.  So far we are doing pretty good.  Still working on not taking the ball from players on our own team.

Fashion.  College games started this weekend!  If you have not purchased a clear bag to attend games you need to check out what Kayla Morgan is doing.  Check her out here.

Family.  Traveling anytime soon?  This is a list of museums you can attend for free.

Food and Drink.  We try our best to eat healthy.  Both Justin and I have been heavy in the past so we tend to stay away from bread, pasta and potatoes plus sugar.  There are a lot of things out there that you can make healthier options of or even sugar free and dairy free.  However every now and then isn’t there something you just want to splurge on?  For me it’s pancakes.  Sometimes I just want a big fluffy stack of pancakes.  This recipe is probably one of the best I have found but be careful because it’s super addictive.

Health.  We eat eggs daily.  The kids and Justin and I.  Eggs are delicious and such a great way for us to start the day.  ***Fun Fact*** we go through a dozen eggs a day…  sometimes more.  I saw THIS article and wanted to share.  So many great reasons to start your day with protein and fats!

News.  If you haven’t watched this video do so now!

Lifestyle.  If you are a new mom or thinking about becoming a mom or even a seasoned mom who is looking for some new advice I encourage you to follow Nurse Nikki on Facebook here.  I was introduced to Nurse Nikki by my midwife after I had Porter as a resource for breastfeeding and more.  I love the advice and information that she posts as she offers credible, fact based information.  This past week I watched her advocate for Black Breastfeeding Week and my admiration grew even more.  Please check her out and ask her a question or two.  She is a valuable resource for our community.

Home.  Last year I decorated my front porch with bails of hay.  I swore I would never do it again after having to clean it up for Christmas.  However a year has passed and now I am all like, was it really as bad as I remember.  I just created a new Pinterest board last night for some of my ideas on how I am going to decorate my porch for fall.  Check my ideas out here.

Beauty.  We are doing a little beauty night with Kara Adams from Beauty Counter.  If you would like more information you can check out the event here.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!



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