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Accessories with the LOFT

This post is in partnership with the LOFT.  All thoughts, ideas and opinions are mine.

Behind every great seasonal wardrobe is a great set of accessories to enhance it. If an outfit is the cake then the accessories are your “frosting”. They just make everything better.

I get lots of questions about where I buy my accessories.  It is no secret that the majority of my jewelry comes from Golden Lily, Virtue and Kendra Scott but that does not account for everything.  A good, solid accessory collection for your wardrobe will have jackets, vests, scarfs, hats and more.

The easiest answer to where I find these items is this.  Right where I am shopping.  It will always be easier to create outfits and accessorize them right where you are.  Most people have great intentions of purchasing a pair of pants at one store and then later matching them to a shirt in another store but the reality is that our color memory is not great.  If you have the chance to create an outfit in a shop take the time to do that.

Not saying it is wrong to buy one item and integrate into your wardrobe.  My point is that it will be easier to create a cohesive wardrobe if you think in outfits instead of pieces.

The last time I went shopping at LOFT Mandeville I took sometime to pick out accessories while I was pulling outfits.  It was easy to see their fall color story and because of that I was able to pick accessories that would work with what I was buying and also what would continue to work throughout the fall.

All of these pieces were available right in the store making it too easy to create a whole look.

So a few things about what I pulled…

  1. The yellow jacket.  This is a perfect lightweight jacket.  If you live in the north it will get you through the fall.  If you live in the south you may be able to get through the whole winter with this piece.
  2. The white sweater.  If you read my post on Monday you know that you need more white in your fall wardrobe.  This is a heavy weight sweater so it will look amazing over all of your fall dresses.
  3. Sunglasses.  We all need a darker set of tortoise shell shades for the fall.
  4. Bangles.  If you are minimal about what jewelry you purchase these are the perfect accessory for you.  They will get you through any season and any occasion.  Probably the most versatile piece of jewelry you can buy.
  5. Scarf.  I put two in this round.  One is darker with a pretty print and the other is more of a neutral with a broader pattern.  These two would fit most of the needs you have for scarves.  Also, They are light weight enough that you can enjoy the trend but wear them in our blistering heat.

Easy.  Pretty.  Fun.

Accessories for fall.



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