Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Fun Fact.  I am super into obscure documentaries about fashion.  I am typing this as I am watching IRIS.  If you haven’t seen it you should watch it.  She is who I want to be when I am 90.

There is always something in my spring/summer wardrobe that I am not ready to retire when fall comes around.  No matter how warm the fall can be here there always comes a point when it’s too cold for sleeveless anymore so sundresses and tanks have their shelf life… or maybe not.

In the south our fall is pretty unique.  It stays warm long after it is cool up north and then we have a lot of cool mornings and evenings but the afternoons are hot.  It can add a layer of complication to dressing.  Being able to wear an outfit that can make the temperature transitions is really important.

One of my favorite things about the fall and winter seasons is the ability to layer.  Layering is where you really get the ability to style outfits.  So much of the summer and spring is just throwing a tank and shorts on or a sun dress that it limits what you can do.  In the fall and winter you really can let yourself go wild.  Mixing patterns and textures and playing with shape.  It’s definitely more fun.

I took a few of my favorite summer looks and made them work for fall and possibly even winter.


I bought this dress in March.  I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a black, boho dress like this one.  If I see one I buy it.  This one in particular was special and I bought it for the specific purpose of wearing it in the winter with booties.  I ended up using this as my Little Black Dress Initiative piece for the Junior League this spring and then I have been letting it rest in my closet so I could pull it out for this season.


So this jumpsuit jumped out at me immediately because it had such a 70’s vibe.  I also I loved that it fit more like overalls than a halter jumpsuit making it the perfect candidate for layering.  I used this puffy sleeve t-shirt for this picture but I have a lot of ideas for this outfit including knee-length boots and a turtle neck.


This dress was a recent purchase but I fell in love with the deep colors which made me think of fall.  As soon as I got it home I knew I wanted to see it with a jacket and jeans more than flip flops.

So take some time and flip through your closet and see what you have that you can carry through to the fall.  With the right jacket or shirt you may give new life to something that was going to go away with the warm summer months.


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