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The Sunday Skim – Summer 2018 – Twenty Seven

Welcome to the Sunday Skim!  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, news, social, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Sit back and get a cup of coffee and enjoy the Sunday Skim!

Tiffany where have you been???  Well the last few weeks hit me hard.  There was a lot of back to school prep, a last minute vacation to take and Justin was out of town for work.  All of this was great but didn’t leave me much time to write so I took a much needed break.

But it’s funny how things happen because even though I was supposed to be taking a break I got inspired a few times on vacation and ended up writing three different posts.  Sometimes it’s good to take a step back so you can get re-inspired.

So what has been happening?  The last week of summer was hot and I was really on my last threads of nerves.  No shame.  Sometimes life and kids are hard.  Then Justin left for his work trip.  We spent a lot of time at the pool and watching movies.  He came back in town and we got to hit up White Linen Night in New Orleans which was a blast and a great opportunity for both of us to have some adult time.  Shout out to our amazing sitter Taylor!  

The next morning we left for our trip to Margaritaville.  (Travel Guide coming this week I promise!)  We had three glorious days in the sun swimming and sliding and playing in the lazy river.  Came home to do laundry and get Peyton ready for school.  He started bright and early Thursday morning.  Paxton went to orientation for Kindergarten yesterday and met his new teacher who just happens to be the teacher Peyton had last year.  YAY!

And then…  I haven’t really shared about our floor drama.  In June our AC overflowed and leaked on the floor.  It seemed like no big deal until the floors in our hallway started warping.  So fast forward to the insurance adjuster coming over and ALL OF THE FLOORING IN THE HOUSE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED.  While I am so excited that we are getting all new floors this was not a renovation I had planned on or even thought about and we will have to move out of the house for several days while they are completing it.  So in the midst of vacation and trips for work and back to school we had to make decisions on flooring for the whole house too.  But it’s done and ordered and I am SO excited to show it all to you when it is done.

So now what you actually clicked on this link to read…  The Sunday Skim!

Fashion.  It’s not fall yet but I can feel it coming!  My favorite thing about fall are the accessories.  It’s just too hot in the summer to wear a lot of accessories but in the fall and winter you can wear them all day long.  Glorious!  These are a few of my favorite accessories for Fall.  Hats // Gloves // Scarf // Belt

Family.  Back to school has hit us hard this week.  It is always an adjustment for my kids to get back in the routine.  Especially my oldest son.  I always tell his teachers that it’s a solid two weeks of him pushing the limits and then he finally settles.  Because we know this going into the school year we designed a set of privileges he can earn after school for good behavior during the week.  We try really hard not to reward our kids with our time because I feel like that sets up a bad ideal for them that we only give them time if they are good.  Instead we set up a special chair at the dinner table where they can eat and also a special hidden spot in the playroom where they can choose to sleep on the weekends.  They are really excited about it and I hope this is going to encourage good choices all year long!

Food and Drink.  So my good friend over at the Holliday Collective was feeling the Chipotle cravings the other day and made Barbacoa for their family.  Barbacoa is my favorite and she kindly shared the recipe with me here.  If you have never had Barbacoa it is like a Mexican BBQ Beef and tender and delicious.  We love to eat it with guacamole or avocado salsa.

Health.  Oh you guys we got so burned at the resort last week.  We all are very tan from the summer and I didn’t think it would be a problem.  We used sunscreen and reapplied but I am assuming not as often as we needed to because all of us got burned and are now peeling.  Peeling can be so uncomfortable and I have discovered that I can combat it better from the inside out.  We drink a lot of water but also add in coconut water and aloe vera.  Yep you can use aloe internally too.  It really hydrates the skin and keeps the peeling and itching to a minimum.

News.  Did no one in the space program see that movie LIFE???  Read here.

SocialNorthshore Parent is hosting their Beach, Please Mom’s Night Out next weekend!  I am so excited to be going and hope to see you there.  If you haven’t gotten tickets yet there are still some available here.

Lifestyle.  Let’s talk about sneakers.  I have never been a big sneaker person but my life with kids has made it more of a necessity.  There are so many options right now because they are such a trend that you can literally find anything that will go with jeans to dresses.  Yes, I said dresses too.  These are some of my favorites that I have been looking at…  blush // slip ons // designer // athletic

Home.  I mentioned above that we are going to have to replace the flooring in 90% of the house.  Picking out flooring can be such a big task.  The good thing is that many companies now offer photos of what the flooring will look like in a big space rather than you having to choose off of one small square.  Currently our flooring is like an oak but I knew I wanted to go darker and more toward a gray tone.  We were able to pick out a beautiful taupe wood and a taupe and gray tile that really drew everything together.  We also came in under budget which allowed me a little more money to spend on the boys bathroom which is the main bathroom in our house.  We decided to go with a white hex tile and do a dark charcoal grout.  Even though this project was not planned I am getting excited about how it is going to turn out.

Beauty.  I have a plan to start posting more about beauty.  I am really taking a bigger interest in my skin this year and concentrating on a good skin care routine.  This last week I added in a vitamin C serum after I was encouraged to do it by my aesthetician.  I am doing a two week trial with the one I am using and will keep you updated.  For now this is the one I am trying.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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