Pre-Fall Shopping – Tshirt Dresses

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There is no doubt by the temperature gauge on my car that it’s still summer.  I think with the heat index it was 109 yesterday.  It’s been a brutal summer this year filled with mosquitos, humidity and blazing hot afternoons.

No matter how bad the summer gets though I still love it.  There is something endearing about the warm summer nights with their beautiful sunsets and chirping frogs.  I don’t love all the sweating I am doing but I wouldn’t trade it.

But even though it doesn’t feel like it yet we are going to have a seasonal change whether we like it or not in a few months.  Fall will be here shortly and with it will come all of the sweaters, jeans and boots that our little hearts can imagine.  The issue here is how do we get through our warm fall months and still indulge in the fall trends?

It’s true that down south we really don’t get to enjoy things like spring weight coats, light weight fall wear and a heavy winter coat wardrobe.  We just don’t need those things.  Typically our summer quickly transitions from a short fall to full on winter.   This makes it more necessary for us to make good choices in the late summer for pieces that will carry us through late October or even early November.

No matter if it is hot or cold when September hits I am ready to start making changes in my wardrobe.  Obviously I am not going to be able to pull out my winter sweaters at that point but what I can change is the color pallet of my closet.  This late in the season with all of the summer sales I am looking for pieces I can grab that will make the change to fall easy and effortlessly.  I am also focused on things I can layer.  We all know and love (hate) how many of our fall days start off cool and then warm up.  Layering is an essential part to dressing for fall in the south.

Dress here; also love this and this // Shoes here, plus these and these

Photo Credit: Melissa Breedlove Photography // Sunless Tanning: Endless Summer Tans

As soon as I saw this dress I knew it was perfect for this piece.  It’s a exciting little print with the different orientation of the stripes and the fit is cozy and comfortable.  I liked the length because it shows that pop of shoe and will work with a sandal as well as a bootie.  I also know that I will be able to throw a light weight jacket over it come October and it will look just as cute.

These are the pieces that we need to be focused on purchasing over these next few months.  Not only will they get us through the remainder of the summer and into the fall but they will be waiting in our closets when spring arrives in 2019.



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