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The Bigs 5th and 6th Mad Science Birthday Party

This post is sponsored by Mad Science Southeast Louisiana.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.

Summer birthdays are both equally fun and hard to plan in July in south Louisiana.  It’s hot and humid and there are limited places to host a party that are not going to be scorching.  The last few years we have opted to have a party outside of our house at the pool or a party place because of the heat.  But in my heart I love a home party when kids are little.

When Nekisha from Mad Science contacted me I was immediately thrilled with the party plans she laid out for me.  I really felt like it was going to be perfect for a variety of ages and a large group.  Plus my kids are really into science experiments at school and love making things like slime so I knew they would be excited about it.


Our party had boys and girls ranging from 2 to 10 but I will say that even the adults were excited and watching the show.  Some of them even got to participate with the experiments.

My first take away was how prepared and calm both Nekisha and Kelly were.  Even when the kids were up and not always waiting their turn or participating correctly they were sweet and fun.  No matter what happened they were still excited and upbeat and never got frustrated which is amazing because we all know how a large group of small kids can be!

The scientists from Mad Science preformed a variety of experiments for the kids which were exciting and fun but also informative and educational.  My kids have been talking all week about minerals and dry ice and so on.

All of the experiments were fun but the two the kids enjoyed the most were the bouncy balls and the Mad Science Burp!

The Mad Science Burp. “The green liquid (water, food coloring and vanilla extract) represents what happens when we drink soda too quickly. The carbon dioxide bubbles get trapped in our stomach. Once they pop the gas that is released comes up like a burp!”

Each kid got to try the burp once or twice and even the adults joined in on the fun too.

The other experiment that we loved was making the bouncy balls.  “The supper bouncy balls is a lesson on polymers which are long, flexible molecule chains that give things elasticity. The Mad Science polymer pack contains polymers and cross-linkers that when placed in a round mold and submerged in water allow the two to mix together. It creates a round ball with lots of elasticity or bounce!”

The kids had a blast and many of my friends texted me that night to tell me how excited the kids were about the party.  I was so happy that they were able to enjoy it while learning something too.

Ok so now for all the party details….

The party was hosted by Mad Science SELA.  You can contact them here or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

InvitationsAndrea’s Vinyl Shoppe.

Decorations.  Banners and water bottle labels were by Printable Studio 505.  Food Tents were from Indigo and Orion.  Amazon provided the beakers, flasks, test tubes and rack, green banners, Mad Science Balloons.  Favors were bug catching kits and slime jars.

Cake. Rouses for the cake base and then I decorated it myself.

The boys loved it which was the most important part.  I am hoping next year they will still let me plan their party but I think those days are quickly coming to an end.  Either way they are now 5 and 6 years old and I just can’t believe it…maybe we can experiment on how to slow down how fast they are growing up!



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