Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – How To

I know you have already started reading me mentioning the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  It really is one of the biggest and most anticipated sales of the year.  Last year was my first year shopping the sale and I was a little overwhelmed with the magnitude of what was offered.  I am hoping this post will help a little with that.

So first off the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or NSale will run from July 12th until August 5th.  July 12th until the 19th is early access and for card members only.  July 20th the sale opens to the general public.  This sale is heavily shopped between the 12th and the 19th so be prepared so see items sold out.  Don’t fret though because Nordstrom is great about restocking certain items and adding items as they become available.

This sale is not your typical sale because this is not merchandise that Nordstrom is looking to get rid of before the next season starts.  A lot of what is included in the sale is new fall merchandise that is just hitting the market.  Be prepared to shop for jackets, jeans, boots and more.  This type of sale is pretty much unheard of so that is what makes it such an amazing opportunity.

So what is the best way to shop?  While I love to shop in a store and would love to take a quick trip to Houston next week I prefer shopping online for this sale.  They will not only have more inventory and sizes online but the stores are absolutely nuts during this sale.  Nordstrom males shopping online super easy with their free shipping and free returns policy.  They are also quick to get your money back to you.

What else do you need to know?  Well I will be keeping up with the sale when it goes live for card members and also when it is live for everyone.  Be ready for lots of posts and updates on categories like dresses, jackets, boots, kids clothes, menswear and more.  My first post will be out by 6am on July 12th.  Also, I will here to field any and all questions you may have so feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Have fun and keep a look out for things you are hoping will be included in the sale.




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