Menswear – Tropical Prints

We have all seen the awful resort wear and Tommy Bahama shirts that are available for men.  It’s bad.  Real bad.  I don’t know why but it seems most brands that provide tropical patterns make garments that are ill fitting and the fabrics aren’t doing the body any favors either.  All around it is just not good.

Palm prints, tropical florals and beach scenes are happening all over this season with women’s clothing. Menswear usually follows suit with similar prints and textures but in a more muted pallet. Brands like Goodfellow and Co., Old Navy and GAP are all showing tropical resort fashion but in more contemporary fits.

I happen to really like a tropical print and think there is a way to do it properly.  It’s all about brand and fit.  Slim fitting shirts are going to flatter most masculine shapes because in the right size it is going to accentuate the shoulders (good) and streamline the waist (better).

Another one of my favorite ways to wear a trend like tropical and not seem dated is a shorter length short.  Wearing a short above the knee is going to make your look younger and more fresh.

So I made Justin be my model for this post, which he didn’t love but oh well.

Outfit number one.  The shorts are from Goodfellow and Co and the t-shirt is from Old Navy.  Justin loves these shorts because they are comfortable.  I loved the length and I also love that they are kind of a tweed with blue and mint in them.  They looked great with the t-shirt that has the same colors mixed throughout.  He chose the shoes.

This second outfit is all from Old Navy.  I will be honest and tell you I was totally inspired for this one with an episode of Queer Eye Season two.  I loved the beach pattern on the top and the bright turquoise shorts.  I really thought I was going to have to convince him to wear this one but surprisingly he was all about it when it came in.

Take advantage of the sales this week for Fourth of July and grab some great summer things for the family.  This is the perfect opportunity to get the man in your life to try something new.



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