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Fourth of July with Old Navy

I am pretty sure the first thing I ever purchased from an Old Navy was a Fourth of July T-shirt.  They have such a classic American sportswear feel that the brand is almost synonymous with Americana.  Such is the Fourth of July.

This year our Fourth of July weekend is filling up quickly.  I am unsure if it’s because there are just more things to do this year or if it is because the holiday falls on a Wednesday that people just want to spend the week celebrating but from June 30th thru the 4th we have things to do…

I picked up some shirts for the boys at Old Navy the other night.  Pax had been begging me to go shopping for orange flip flops (also pictured).  I would have picked out three different shirts for them but he insisted that, “Brothers gotta match!”

Dressing this krewe isn’t always easy.  Lately they have become so opinionated about what they wear that I am happy when I can find them something that they agree to put on without an argument.  T-shirts are generally the one thing and gym shorts.  But summers down here are hot and most of the 4th events we will be attending will have us sitting on the ground to t-shirts it is!

For myself I grabbed a few new things too but I also pulled a few oldies but goodies out of my closet.  I mean the 4th is a lot like Christmas when it comes to color.  Chances are you have something red, white or blue in your closet that you can put together.  Paxton picked out this blue and white striped dress!




Big Daddy was the easiest.  He always likes what I pick out.

Boys Shirts here // My Dress here // Big Daddy’s shirt here

There is still time to get some of these goodies before the 4th so don’t miss out.  Too many good things for the holiday weekend and Old Navy is the place to shop!




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