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One of my favorite brands is Modcloth.  I love the fit of their dresses and I especially love their prints.  They really come up with patterns and colors that are fun and seasonally appropriate.  I always get excited when the catalogue comes in the mail.

The only drawback is the price.  They aren’t outrageously expensive but their dresses cost enough that I am not buying more than one at a time.  They are 100% worth the price with the way they are constructed and I back their brand but I also know that it’s not in everyone budget to spend $100 on a dress.  So I am here to offer an interesting solution.

Last year I discovered that an XL in the girls department in most stores is equivalent to a ladies Medium.  I didn’t really think twice about it at the time but around Christmas I came across this precious red skirt at Target that I ended up buying for Christmas.  It was a little short but with tights it was perfect.

Fast forward to summer and Cat and Jack started putting out all of these incredible printed dresses.  They immediately made me think of Modcloth prints and I picked one up.  It was made to be a maxi dress on a girl but on me it came out around midi length which was cute and fun.

Over the last few weeks they have continued to put out fun and bright patterns and I love them all.  I think this is an inexpensive way to add something cute and different to your wardrobe.  Although everyone may not want to shop in the girls department I really enjoyed it.

A few things to think about before purchasing…

  • length: these dresses and shorts are made for girls so make sure to try things on and check the length.
  • torso: I also find that in the rompers or jumpsuits and with some of the tops the torso is short.

Here are a few of the things I picked up…

Dress // Shoes // Bag

Dress // Shoes // Bracelets

Dress // Shoes // Earrings // Bag

With the right styling these dresses will look cute on any age!  Think about your accessories when you are planning your outfit and this would be a fun way to have some new summer looks on a budget!

XO, Tippy


2 thoughts on “Cat and Jack for You

  1. I’ve tried on dresses like the off the shoulder one but I’ve never bought them because I think your boobs are supposed to fit in the elastic/ruched part.

    1. I have tried on ones like you are talking about too but this one actually could be worn on the shoulders so the ruched part was more like a smocked collar. When you pulled it off the shoulder it sat right on top of your chest. Either way it definitely had a different fit and an interesting waist line. Thanks for the comment. XO

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