Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Spring 2018 – Twenty-One

Welcome to the Sunday Skim your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, news, social, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Sit back and relax and enjoy the Sunday Skim.

Y’all it is so hot!  SO HOT right now.  I am actually waking up at 5:30 just to get outside as soon as the sun comes up to take pictures for the blog.  It’s that hot.  I can barely stand to take pictures in the afternoon right now.

Fashion…  LOFT is having a 40% off sale items and there is a TON of cute spring stuff marked down.  Check it all out here.

Family…  I am always looking for new and fun things to do with the kids in the summer.  It’s a total bonus if they are water related.  Check out the list the Northshore Parent made on water fun in the area.

Food and Drink…  Looking for something to grill for Father’s Day or 4th of July?  This looks so delicious.

Health…  I cannot stress enough about drinking enough water in the summer.  I am as guilty as the next person of choosing tea or coffee and not drinking enough water.  But even more importantly is the kids.  Especially when swimming because it’s easy to forget to drink when you are cool.  Make sure they are drinking every 30 minutes or more.

News…  Justify makes history and wins the Triple Crown.  Read more here.

Social…  Do you have a child looking to get some modeling experience?  New Orleans Fashion Week will be hosting a modeling workshop this coming week.  For more details look here.

Lifestyle…  The summer is definitely down season for tv and the hot season for movies.  I have been cleaning up my Netflix lists and looking for new things to watch.  Crime documentaries have been my main attraction.  I just finished Evil Genius and I have Making a Murderer and The Staircase saved.  If you have another suggestion drop it in the comments.

Home…  How would you like to come home to this???  My boys have watched this video more than 10 times.

Beauty…  I got my first vitamin C peel this week.  It was called a brightening and tightening facial and I saw an immediate difference in my skin.  Throughout the week my skin has continued to improve as well as my hyper pigmentation lightening.  Mimi’s Laser Alternatives in Elmwood did the procedure and now I am thinking about doing laser hair removal on my under arms.

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