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Summer Jewelry Trends with Virtue Jewelry

Tracy Kopfinger is the maven of upscale fashion jewelry.  Her collection Virtue Jewelry and Virtue Luxe can be found all over the country, but we are proud to say that her business and inspiration started here in Mandeville.

I have had a long love affair with Virtue and all of their pieces that started with her first collection of bracelets.  Her pieces are always on the cusp of what is next and I love how her esthetic and collections have grown and changed.  Over the years I have gotten to know her on a personal level too.  Knowing the business person and the person are sometimes two different things.  But Tracy treats her friendships much like she treats her business…  Strong and Loyal.

As trends have come and gone Tracy has navigated the waves with ease.  Staying true to the Virtue look but still being able to delve into styles that are current and popular.  While other designers may miss the mark of consistency Virtue is something you can pick out in a crowd.  Season one through the current line.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tracy a few weeks ago and talk about her current collection.  She and I agreed that it’s all about the earrings.  This season she has come even more out of her shell with new ideas, textures and sizes.  One of my favorite things about the Virtue lines is their interchangeability.  The post of an earring can have a different charm hanging depending on the customer.  So you and your friend may love the purple feathers but one may want a gold post and another turquoise virtually making the piece you purchase almost custom.

Check out what is coming up and available in stores now…

These earrings look and feel completely different.  I initially thought they would be heavy and in realty they were so light.  I didn’t feel like they were weighing me down at all.  I also loved the variety of shades with the tortoise shells she chose.  All of these would easily transition from season to season and because of all the colors tortoise shell is versatile with your wardrobe.

The tortoise shell earring is also available in a thin rectangle shape.

These bees may be small and cute but they are solid.  Quality weight.  I love that she left the bee basic and that he stands on his own.

I am always partial to a hammered metal earring and these are perfection.  When I saw them they just gave me a hint of a southwestern vibe and I was feeling it.  I could take them in every color but for now I may just settle for the turquoise.

Mixing and matching your Virtue pieces is east to do between the lines but it’s also fun to match it up monochromatically.  Each season Virtue will have new and on trend colors but some of their colors are standard like turquoise, gold and blush.  I can also say that no one on the market has druzy that shines as bright as theirs.

Another monochromatic look with the thin rosary beady and classic Virtue bracelet elevated with the glass beads and tassel.

I was feeling this set too and again getting just a little of that southwestern vibe.  This necklace was a nice weight and very substantial.

Lavender has made a tremendous comeback this season and i personally love the color.  To me it is a upgraded version of pink and just feels a little more special.  If you aren’t into pastels she is still keeping the bold colors in stock with this amazing ultra violet that I saw pops of.

Blush is the neutral of spring!  It pairs with almost anything including tanned skin so it will make the perfect transition to summer.  But it won’t stop there…  do you know what is better than blush and a tan???  Blush and olive for the fall.  Basically you will put these on and wear them through October.

Saving the best for last.  These earring came in such an amazing variety of feather colors and posts.  I pulled my favorites with the turquoise, coral and watermelon.  Tracy told me several times that she can’t keep the watermelon feathers in stock so if you want them you better run and get yourself a pair today.

Prices range from $50 to $300 in retail locations across the country.  You can follow them on facebook here and Instagram here.

Fashion jewelry is great but if you want to invest, invest in the best.  Virtue is not only fashionable but extremely high quality and you will not be disappointed in a purchase.  Locally you can find them at Paix A Vous boutique in Mandeville.



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