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The Summer of Yes

Summer has been the hardest thing for me to navigate as a stay at home mom.  I would go out on a limb, in true transparency, and say the first few were pretty miserable.

The first summer I stayed home with them they were really too little to enjoy a lot of the things my friends were doing with their kids. Peyton was a runner at the time and it was hard for me to handle them both alone.  The second summer I was pregnant and that’s all I really have to say about that.  Pregnant.  In the summer.  In south Louisiana.

The first summer after Porter was born I started to see the light.  I hired a mother’s helper and she would come once or twice a week to watch the kids while I caught up on things around the house or just took a second to catch my breath.

Last summer was loads of fun and we did so many things.  They were all at the perfect ages for exploring and pushing naptimes.  We spent our days at the pool, splash pads and on field trips.  Last summer was also the first summer that I didn’t hire anyone to help me during the week.  It was an exhausting but manageable summer.

This summer I think is going to be our best and I cannot wait!  With 4 weeks left in school we started making our plans last weekend with what we want to do.  They boys made some expected and unexpected choices and it was fun creating ideas together.  I am really looking forward to a summer of fun!

The Summer of YES!

Summer Lists:

This is the first summer that I have let the kids make their own lists.  I created the categories and they filled in the lists with three choices each.

I was very specific to tell them that we may not be able to do ALL of the things they had on their lists but that we would try.  Whatever we don’t finish in the summer will spill over into the fall or maybe into the first break from school.

  • Places to visit
  • Things to eat
  • Water Games
  • Things to learn
  • People to visit
  • Things I want
  • People at my birthday
  • Snacks I want to try
  • Games I want to play
  • Chores

Schedule- Weekly and Daily:

So I personally do better on a schedule.  Just for myself I plan out my gym time, social events and work at least a week in advance.  Because of this I do schedules with the kids a lot too because it helps me to stay on track and it also helps them to keep up with the days of the week.


  • Monday: School fun and STEAM projects / Mom writes
  • Tuesday: Gym / Pool Day
  • Wednesday: Stay home day / Mom cleans house & writes
  • Thursday: Gym / Pool Day
  • Friday: Fieldtrip Friday

Daily: (before tv or ipad)

  • Make bed, dress and brush teeth
  • Help make breakfast and eat
  • Do an activity, worksheet or draw a picture
  • Feed the dog
  • Play outside
  • Night – Set table and then clean away dishes

Field Trips:

Last year we started doing Fieldtrip Fridays.  The boys loved it and it was something that they looked forward to each week.

  • Mardi Gras World
  • Children’s Museum
    • NOLA
    • St. Tammany
    • Lynne Meadow’s
  • Mike the Tiger at LSU
  • Avery Island
  • Zoo
  • Insectarium
  • Global Wildlife
  • Aquarium
  • Sky Zone
  • Elevation Station
  • Nell’s Pool
  • Steamboat ride

Now I am going to be completely honest with you.  I have the best intentions when I make these lists but it doesn’t always last.  So we shall see.  I will update y’all throughout the summer and see how long I can stay on my A game.

I hope this gives you some extra ideas for planning your summer.  I am really looking forward to ours…

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  1. You’re such a good mom-these ideas are wonderful! Looks like you’ll have another wonderful summer filled with memories!

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