Crop Tops and Summer Trends

There are two main reasons I write this blog.  The first is to show you a variety of fashions that will work for any budget.  The second is to guide you through trying things that may be out of your comfort zone.

We all have things we like to wear then there is usually a list of things we want to wear.  I often hear women say, I would wear that if I was younger or thinner.  I have been guilty of saying this too.  We probably all have.  The thing is that there are many things that we can wear if we find the right way to do it.  I am by no means a size 2 but I really enjoy wearing bodycon dresses and I wear them because I like them.

I think most of us need to stop worrying about what we should wear and worry about how we are going to style what we want to wear.

I asked recently on my facebook page what people wanted me to talk about in the next few months.  One of my sweet friends asked if there were any guidelines for dressing post 35.  There are definitely rules to dressing but I don’t think they really change depending on your age.  I think they are timeless.

  • Show cleavage or show legs.  Don’t show both.
  • Dress for the job you want and not the job you have.
  • Always take one accessory off unless you want to be extra and then add one on.
  • Take into account weather, venue and how many cocktails you are planning to have before picking a dress or shoes.
  • White can be worn on any occasion except someone else’s wedding.
  • Hem your pants.  There is no one size fits all in length.
  • Consider how a garment needs to be cared for before purchasing it.
  • Always look at yourself from the front and then from behind.
  • When in doubt.  Wear a nude shoe.
  • Pair loose with tight.
  • Dress yourself.  Not your age.  Worry about looking matronly rather than too young.

On to the second part of this piece.  Summer Trends.  When I was asked to discuss summer trends I stared doing some research on what was going to be new and big.  The more I thought about it I felt like I wanted to share what I want to wear this summer.  I mean I feel like if you are here reading this you obviously want to know what I am thinking and feeling so here it is…

Pattern.  Gingham, floral, stripes and more.  All I see is pattern everywhere I look and I love it.  Take the summer as an opportunity to play with pattern and have some fun.  Sometimes the most unexpected combinations make the best looks.

Mirror Sunglasses.  For years I have rocked the oversized sunglasses look.  This year I have branched out and found a few new pairs I love.  My mirrored glasses from Krewe and Golden Lily are going to get me through all of these bright days.

High Waisted Bathing Suits.  Love them.  I love a one piece too but the high waisted bikini is where it’s at.  There are so many fun ones on the market too and are the perfect suit for any size.

Scarfs.  I have to admit I was not really on this trend in the beginning.  I don’t always like the way I look in scarfs.  Well recently I have found some that I really like.  Especially the ones that Kay-la Handbags is making.  The fabric is pretty and bright and not too heavy.  Perfect for braiding or just wearing over your shoulders.  Plus they are names after my girl Elsbet.

Pastels.  Are pastels ever not in for the spring in summer?  Maybe because I live in the south I think that way but to me I will always be wearing.  I especially love lavender this year.

Hats.  Sunhats and fedoras and straw visors are everywhere you look.  I picked up a new hat for the beach and one for festing recently.  If you are looking for some fun hats that aren’t too expensive check out Target.  Both universal Thread and A New Day have some great hats for this season.

Crop Tops.  You may not want to wear them but I will be.  Embrace it.  It’s too hot not to show a little mid-drift now and then.


Hydration and Sunscreen.  Each summer I suffer at least one of two sunburns.  I am the WORST at putting on sunscreen.  Also, when I am out at the pool I never drink enough water.  This summer I am going to change it and take care of my skin.  So sunscreen, water and weekly hydration masks are going to be my most important summer trend.

Suns Out, Guns Out!  Get ready because summer is coming!



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