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Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is May 13th.  I am saying this just in case you don’t have it written down or a calendar that has it written down for you.  MAY 13th.

Mother’s Day is important.  Growing up I always remember my Dad making a big deal about their anniversary and Mother’s Day.  It sticks out in my mind because my Dad has always been a person who taught me how to honor my Mom by example.  He always made her a priority and put her needs first.  He always thought about her on special occasions and on the regular days too.  Half of parenting is teaching your kids by example.

Justin takes Mother’s Day seriously too.  He always makes a point to take the boys shopping instilling in them the desire to show gratitude and serve and I do the same for Father’s Day.  We want them to know that being a mom or dad isn’t an easy job and it’s nice to be recognized for the things you do for your family even if it’s in a small way.

This year I specifically asked not to get a gift.  I asked for a brunch with my boys and a walk on the lakefront and maybe some flowers.  I am a sucker for flowers.

So your Mother’s Day is really only half of the equation though and just a portion of this post.  Chances are you have another mother in your life that you need to buy for and that is the real reason we are here.  I asked on my Facebook for recommendations on posts and overwhelmingly I was asked about Mother’s Day gifts.  This post is going to be my expected and unexpected gifts list…


Every year I take my Mom to Le Salon at the Windsor Court in New Orleans for Mother’s Day Tea.  They do two services on Saturday and Sunday which is a nice option if you have family plans on Sunday.  Other hotels like the Ritz offer special Mother’s Day tea.  Tea is a wonderful option for a Mom that would like to do something for Mother’s Day rather than getting a gift.


What I asked for and what I love.  The way to my heart is with brunch.  This year the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans is doing a special Mother’s Day Brunch as well as the Lakehouse in Mandeville and N’tinis.


Have you checked out Farmgirl Flowers?  They make these incredible bouquets and can ship them anywhere.  If you want to do flowers but something exciting and different you should look them up.


My Mom had been wanting a set of rings from Lisa Leonard for a long time and she recently just got them.  She had three rings personalized with each boys first name and they came out really nice.  Lisa Leonard has a lot of options other than just rings too. She has a whole line of beautiful, handmade jewelry that would be the perfect gift.


This one is pretty expected but also much needed for a lot of moms.  It’s a bonus if you can plan ahead and make an appointment for the Mom.  I know that I have been gifted many a spa day over the years and half of the issue in using it is just finding a day.  A few years ago Justin gave me a spa day for by birthday but he worked it out where it was a day my Mom could keep the kids and the appointment was set up.  Best gift ever.


Everyone has family pictures but it is nice to have Mommy and Me pictures.  A lot of photographers offer mini sessions like these in the spring especially for Mother’s Day.  I did this with the boys last year and I really treasure the pictures.  This would also be a fantastic gift for a Grandmother to look back on her grandkids over the years.


There are so many companies now that can make interesting creations out of your kids art work.  One of the simplest that I have seen is just taking a piece of art work your kid created and having it framed professionally.  Other companies like Now That’s Personal will take your child’s artwork and turn it into a keychain or pendent.  Plum Prints will take the artwork and make it into a coffee table book.


I should say the gift of not cooking!  Local meal order company Carpool Caterer makes meals to go that have everything you could possibly need to feed your family.  My only complaint is that they don’t come over and do the dishes but bless the mom you know with some paper plates and napkins and then they can just throw everything away.

Must Haves.

If the lady you are buying for loves having a “must have” item this bamboo bag is one for sure.  As is this Lululemon Wrap.

No matter what you choose just make sure you do so with love and think about the person who are buying for.  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!




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