Menswear – Summer Jackets

If you live in Louisiana or anywhere in the deep south for that matter you know the summer can be hot and unrelenting.  Unfortunately business does not take this into consideration when it comes to men dressing for work.  Many companies have adopted a more casual work atmosphere but for people like my husband who work in the legal industry jackets and ties are required year round.

Over the years I have curated a winter and summer suit wardrobe for Justin.  Suits aren’t cheap and many times they need alterations so it is a wardrobe piece that you need to build up over time for sure.  Typically I try to buy jacket at the beginning of each season and then a suit at the end of the season or when they are running a sale.  This helps with the cost for sure.

So what is the real difference between a summer weight suit and a winter weight suit.  Summer suits are generally made from things like cotton, poplin, seersucker, chambray and linen while winter suits mostly will be wool.  Summer suits are also sometimes unlined to take out some of the bulk.  Summer suits are usually slightly cheaper than winter suits but it depends on the fabric.  If you are buying wool blend winter suits they will be in line with the summer suit prices.

I put together a list of the best summer weight jackets and suits on  This is a guideline for shopping so use these ideas when you are shopping in stores and on other websites.

















Help your man beat the heat this summer and still look his best…



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