Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Spring 2018 – Sixteen

Welcome to the Sunday Skim.  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, social, news, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Kick back and relax and enjoy the start to your Sunday!

Fashion…  Mother’s Day is approaching and I will be having my annual tea with my Mom at the Windsor Court.  This year I am wearing a hat and gloves which had me brushing up on my glove etiquette.  In case you missed the post you can catch it again here.

Also, check our the Loft for their annual friends and family sale and get 40% off their new merchandise.  You can get your friends and family code here.

Family…  Last summer Northshore Parent introduced the 75 days of summer which is an interactive group with meetups and fun things to do for the 75 days of summer break.  They are going to be doing it again this year but a bigger and better version.  If you want to get in on the fun you can join the Facebook Group here.

Food and Drink…  This recipe is perfect for Cinco De Mayo but it is one of our favorites for every bbq and crawfish boil we attend throughout the spring and summer.

Health…  Before I got pregnant with Porter I never ate breakfast.  Honestly, before I had Porter I had terrible eating habits.  When I got pregnant I had such horrible morning sickness that I had to eat every single day.  Eating breakfast is a habit I have maintained even after my pregnancy was over which has been great for my metabolism.  Every now and then though I am just not hungry when I wake up so I have looked for alternatives to a traditional breakfast.  This shake has become one of my go to items.

Social…  Mother’s Day is in a three weeks and if you are planning to make reservations somewhere you need to do it soon.  We will be having tea at the Windsor Court that Saturday but they are open for high tea both days of the weekend.  In Mandeville The Lakehouse and N’tini’s will be hosting Mother’s Day brunches.  If you are in New Orleans check out what the Roosevelt is doing.

Also, I am hosting a Mother’s Day Trunk Show April 29th with Kay-LA Handbags, Golden Lily, Beauty Counter and Charleston Candle Company.  Check out the event here.

News…  This story is incredible.  Also, terrifying but still incredible.

Lifestyle…  We throw a Taco themed football party every year in the fall.  I wanted to do something similar, on a smaller scale, for Cinco De Mayo with the boys.  I love this bloggers ideas on the perfect taco bar.  I think I am doing a few of these next year.  Like the bar of hot sauces!!!

Home…  My favorite candle company just came out with their spring line of candles called the front porch collection.  I just got the Sweet Tea candle in and it’s perfection.  I am not sure how they captured the smell of sweet tea so perfectly but they did.  Down to the hint of lemon!  Check out the whole line here.

Beauty…  I got a lecture from my midwife this week about the amount of water I am drinking.  News Flash…  it’s not enough.  I knew that before she even told me but it is something that I have really been neglecting.  When I was breastfeeding more regularly I had to drink water or I could tell a difference in my supply.  Now that I am weaning I don’t get the signs anymore that I need more water to produce more milk but there are other signs I need to be paying more attention to.  Like my skin texture and my mood and the clarity of my thoughts.  If you are reading this right now you probably need more water.

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