Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Spring 2018 – Fifteen

Welcome to the Sunday Skim.  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, social, news, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Get some coffee and enjoy the skim.

 Fashion…  We have established that Tshirt dresses are the go to dress for the days you are going out and need to look nice but casual.  What do you wear for the pool days or beach days?  This is a great option for a maxi dress that can go from lunch to pool to beach.  It can be a cover-up or a sexy, tan revealing dinner dress.  I have two of these and just retired them to cover-up status so I will be replacing them soon.

Family…  I am working on a list of fun things we are going to do this summer.  I found this list of 25 day trips to take from New Orleans.  I am adding several of these to our summer list!

Food and Drink…  Two summers ago I got really good at making my own popsicles.  I bought molds from Amazon and we made several different kinds.  I am making these as soon as the kids get out of school for the summer.  These are the molds I have and love!

Health…  This is going to seem like a strange topic for health but I’m going to talk about why I make my bed daily.  I have always gone through periods when I have made my bed and then times I didn’t for my entire life.  After having kids and staying home with them I started doing it daily and now it doesn’t feel like the day has started right if I don’t make it.  As moms we have so much chaos and stress that go on in our lives and it always feels like we are half doing things.  When I started making my bed each day I started my day with a sense of accomplishment.  Even though it wasn’t a big thing it was one thing done early and it started changing how I saw my days.  Even if nothing else gets done at least I had done one thing.

As a mother or father or anyone in this world our mental health is more important than anything else.  Setting yourself up to feel and be successful is important.  Even something small may make your whole day change and we owe that to ourselves.

Social…  The Children’s Museum of St. Tammany is having their annual Celebration Gala next weekend.  You can still buy tickets here.  Other local events happening the next few weekends are the Girod Street Sip and Stroll Mint Julep event next weekend and don’t forget we are still having the Golden Lily and Kay-la Handbags trunk show on the 29th.

News…  This is such a sweet way to honor Diana.

Lifestyle…  The Royal Wedding is quickly approaching.  The invitations have been sent and we know who is invited and who is not.  There has been a lot of comparison of Harry and Meghan’s invitations to William and Kate’s but do you know what the BIG difference is?  While William and Kate’s were sent from the Queen Harry and Meghan’s were sent from Prince Charles.  Check it out here

Home…  West Elm is having their big April sale and everything is 40% off, an additional 30% to 40% off of bonus deals and an additional 60% off of the clearance section.  They don’t run sales often so now is your chance to cash in on their unique décor and furniture.

Beauty…  I am admittedly not great about sunscreen.  My issue, like a lot of moms, is that I get out and start tending to the kids and completely forget about myself.  I am making it a priority to have it on my body before I leave the house this summer.  My skin is in relatively good condition for the fact that I forget to put sunscreen on as often as I do.  If you needed more reasons to wear your sunscreen check out this list…

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