Celebration Gala – What to Wear

As parents of young kids on the northshore we are always looking for something to do that is new and exciting for them to experience. So it was a really nice development for us when the Children’s Museum of St. Tammany (CMST) opened the first phase of the project in January.  Since opening we have been several times with the kids and they love it. Although the space is small for now it is so well laid out that it seems 10 times bigger while you are there.  Seeing this phase is making me excited about what will be in store for the community as they continue to open new phases which, of course, will require more funding.

Most people don’t realize that the CMST has been raising funds for some time now as before they could break ground on phase one certain levels of funding had to be met.  And now that we have an operating museum it’s even more important to continue this funding as they have programs and staff that must be paid for in addition to raising the necessary funds for the next phases.  CMST raises money in a variety of ways but their Gala, known as Celebration, is the largest fundraising event they throw each year.

This years Celebration is being held on April 22nd from 5-9 at the Children’s Museum of St. Tammany on Koop Drive.  Everyone in attendance at this adult only event will experience the children’s museum exhibits in addition to other special installations.  The evening will also include a silent auction, food from the areas best restaurants and a performance from Four Unplugged.

Because this event is being held at the CMST facility there will be opportunities to dance the night away both inside and outside. Thankfully Spring nights are usually mild so the evening should be absolute perfection and allow you to wear pretty much whatever you wish without worrying about the heat. Just keep in mind that some of the event is outside in grassy areas so plan your footwear accordingly!!

In preparation, I spent this week collaborating with a few of my favorite local boutiques for ideas on what to wear to Celebration this year.  These are some of our picks from Mackenzie and Me, Paix A Vous and Au Darling.

Mackenzie and Me
70488 Hwy 21 Ste. 700 / Covington

Mackenzie and Me is owned by Mackenzie Millet and her store is carefully curated with soft, feminine looks that work for a variety of body types and styles.  You will find everything from dresses with sleeves to spaghetti straps and anything in-between.  What I enjoy the most about shopping with Mackenzie is that she stocks styles that are easy to wear to more than one event.  The ability to style a piece in different, multi-purpose ways is what gives her pieces such versatility.

Paix A Vous
1901 Hwy 190 / Mandeville

Owned by Kaila Sinclair, Paix A Vous is going to provide you with more color, texture and pattern than you could ever desire.  Kaila is careful about selecting items that fit your body and show off your most important assets.  She is also great at picking styles that have some flair but still make the dress about you.  Everything that you will find at Paix A Vous will be bold and fun to wear.  Plus they have the added bonus of styling all of their dresses with Luxe by Virtue Jewelry.

Au Darling
3523 Hwy 190 / Mandeville

Au Darling, owned by Kylen DuBrock, is the place you want to be for funky, quirky styles that will make you the center of attention.  From her bold patterns to her two piece sets you can find anything to fit any occasion.  Kylen is the master of mixing pattern, textiles and colors to make you want to party long into the night…just remember the kids get up early! No matter what time you make it home, Au Darling carries dresses and pant sets that would be perfect for the outdoor venue for Celebration.

Tickets are still on sale and will  continue to be sold through this week.  If you are interested in purchasing tickets to attend you can do so here.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone with their Garden Party Best…




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