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The Sunday Skim – Spring 2018 – Thirteen

Welcome to the Sunday Skim.  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, news, social, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Grab your coffee and enjoy!

Happy Easter from our family to yours…


Fashion…  It’s Easter Sunday and I am ready with my chiffon and floral and I have an Easter hat.  Also, it is now socially appropriate to wear white, linen and seer sucker although most of us stopped abiding by the white rule a long time ago.  You know me and fashion rules though…  I don’t have many but I do wait to wear linen until after Easter.

Family…  Spring Break started Friday.  I put this list up earlier in the week of things to do in case you missed it.

Food and Drink…  I am making strawberry shortcake today for dessert.  This is what I am basing my recipe off of.  It’s not super sweet because of all of the honey but it is so delicious so far.

Health…  Are you looking for some new ideas for side dishes?  I love these sweet potatoes and they are a favorite of the whole family.

News…  Check this Japanese fad out…  I may try it with the boys this week.

Social…  I just received approval for my media passes to get the scoop on French Quarter Festival.  If you want all the updates follow them on Facebook here.

Lifestyle…  The last few times we have had people over to the house for a party we have set up a food bar.  It’s easy and fun and as the host you can make the main item and then have your guests bring the extras.  Most recently we did a taco bar for one of the Saints games and it was a big hit.  Here are some ideas for other food bar you could create.

Home…  I love decorating my home.  If I had the ability to go back to school for anything it would be interior design school.  One of my favorite things to pick out is paint color.  I have changed the paint colors in my home more times than I can count because it is such an easy way to change up a room.  I really like looking at whole house painting schemes like this one on pinterest.  It’s definitely an easy way to coordinate your home and not have to second guess your paint choices.

Beauty…  So I learned a new trick a few weeks ago that I thought I would share.  I feel like in the summer I shave my legs and then they need to be shaved again the next day.  I read an article that recommended exfoliating, shaving, exfoliating, shaving a second time and then using a moisturizer when you get out of the shower.  I can’t tell you what a difference exfoliating and shaving twice makes.

Have a lovely Easter with your friends and family.  I hope that it is restful and relaxing and fun…



2 thoughts on “The Sunday Skim – Spring 2018 – Thirteen

  1. Hi Tiffany! Happy Easter! I just wanted to drop by and say that I’m soooo happy your family likes my Roasted Garlic Butter Mashed Sweet Potatoes. They’re a favorite around here, too!
    I am totally going to have to try your shaving trick this Spring. I too struggle with the problem of shaving and then feeling like it hardly lasts a day!

    1. I am glad you read it! I love when I get to link other bloggers in posts. Thanks so much for the comment and I’m sorry it took me so long to respond.

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