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What are you doing for Spring Break???

One week to go, well four days to be exact, and then everyone in the area is off for Spring Break.  It feels like this break is one of the longer ones the kids have and I am not sure why that is.  Maybe it’s because Easter happens and then they have a whole week off but I always find myself thinking of things for them to do at the last minute.

  1. The Audubon Zoo…  Because they all asked for you!  We love the zoo especially in the spring because in the summer we like to go to the Cool Zoo and it’s just too hot to walk around.  The Zoo is great because it is big enough to spend the whole day if you want to or you can break it up and spent just a few hours.  No matter how long we stay we always have to go see the jaguars.
  2. Aquarium…  We like the aquarium but I have seen that the boys interest has grown as they have gotten older.  It seems that they have really enjoyed it the most since Pax turned 3.  I think the exhibits are a little harder to view when you are little.  These days they love to see the penguins.
  3. Sky Zone…  We love the indoor trampoline parks but this one is our favorite.  It’s not too big and not too small and I can see the whole place from one central location in the center.  This is great when I am there alone with all three kids because they always want to go in opposite directions.  There is lots of different areas so something for everyone to do.  
  4. Insectarium…  I had never been to the Insectarium until last year and we had a blast.  It was one of the first places we went to when the boys were out of school for the summer.  There is so much for the kids to do both big and small.  Plus you can eat worms so it’s the perfect place for boys.  
  5. Global Wildlife…  This is a place we definitely like to go early in the spring.  The tour is a little long and in the summer it can be so HOT and the animals are hot too so we find we see more in the spring.  If you go on the early trip you are usually guaranteed to see the giraffes.  
  6. Lynn Meadows Discovery Center…  My Mom introduced us to Lynn Meadows a few years ago and we love it.  There is an entire inside and outside section to explore.  Also, it is right across from the beach so you can see just about everything your heart desires.  Bonus for your drive is the homemade popsicle shop, Pop Brothers.
  7. City Park…  I feel like when I was little there was nothing to do in City Park other than Christmas in the Oaks.  Now in addition to the Museum of Art there is City Putt and also a place to rent bikes and surrys.  
  8. St. Tammany Children’s Museum…  Our childrens museum in St. Tammany just opened in the beginning of the year.  It’s the first in a multi year project but it is a wonderful start.  We have been a few times and they boys really enjoy it and are looking forward to all of the summer fun they have planned.
  9. Library…  This is something that didn’t work well for us last year but I am willing to try it again.  Your local library will usually have events posted for story time and other events they are hosting.  Most of the libraries in our area have special events over the breaks from school which is nice.
  10. Movies… I am not sure if they do this over spring break but in the summer all of the movie theaters in our area offer dollar movies during the week.  Usually they have a special deal on popcorn and other snacks too.  I haven’t tried it with Pops but the Bigs have been several times and they love it.

This list is giving me all of the ideas for what we are going to do this summer too.  If you are looking for ideas you can join my Facebook Live on April 8th.  RSVP to the event here.



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