Floral Pants

Why is spring so nice?  Other than the pollen it’s pretty much perfect.  We had a really early spring this year in Louisiana which means we have already been to the pool once or twice.  But just like always the winter weather came back to visit us again and we are just now consistently warming up again each day.

My hope is that this back and forth with the weather will lend itself to a cool jazz fest but we will have to see.  It may just be wishful Louisiana thinking.

When I was working a full time job in an office my wardrobe was a little more diverse than it is now.  I had the need for a work wardrobe and also a casual wardrobe.  Now that I stay home with the boys and also work from home I don’t have as much of a need for work wear.  I do on occasion need to dress up for a meeting or an event so outfits like this one are great to fill that gap.

I picked up these pants at Target for this exact reason.  They give me a lot of different options for dressing them up or wearing them more casually.  In these pictures I paired them with a tank and pearls but it would just as easily worked with a white tee or a button up blouse.  If you need something that would bridge that gap between full on casual and traditional work wear this would be it.

Also, floral patterns give you a lot of versatility in the fact that they are also full of color and this is why they are one of my favorites.

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