Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Winter 2018 – Ten

Welcome to The Sunday Skim.  Your weekly recap of all things fashion, family, food and drink, health, news, social, lifestyle, home and beauty.  Grab your coffee and sit back and enjoy…

Fashion…  Sometimes Instagram and Facebook make some interesting suggestions to me on clothes and other accessories.  This week the algorithm must have honed in on my need for new sunglasses because it made this suggestion.  I am seriously obsessed with their sunglasses especially but they really have all kinds of fun and funky things…  Check out their Facebook here and Instagram here.

Family…  Have you ever heard of “pocking” Easter eggs?  I grew up with this tradition and it’s something I am going to teach the boys to do this year.  Here is a little more about the tradition.

Food and Drink…  Trying this recipe the next time we have people over…  or maybe Wednesday night just because!

Health…  Have you ever heard of the term Tabata?  It is a form of HIIT training that involves 8 rounds of 20 second on and 10 second rest periods so maximize your burn.  This is a great at home Tabata that you can do on your own…

News…  Did you see this week that the Florida senate voted to stay in Daylight Savings Time year round?  I get tired of the back and forth too and wish it would just stay one way or the other.  Do you wish your state would put an end to the back and forth?  Learn more about what Florida did here.

Social…  Are you still looking for something fun to do to celebrate Easter?  Our whole family will be at this Easter Egg hunt.  Also, our church, Church of the King, is offering multiple services all Easter weekend.  You can check out the schedule here.

Lifestyle…  I don’t know about you but I just need toast some mornings.  I love the idea of taking something basic and elevating it to be healthier and also energy boosting.  Check out these 21 recipes for taking your toast to the next level.

Home…  I love this article on creating a beautiful bed plus this graphic is great to have when shopping for what you want…

Beauty…  I have been using this mask recently and have been really happy with the results.  It leaves my skin feeling moisturized but also firm.  I am trying a few others from this brand too and have been able to get them on sale a few different times at Target.


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