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It officially feels like spring.  Today it’s in the 70’s and it feels wonderful.  It has had me scrambling though because I was not ready for the temp increase with shorts for everyone in the family.  Including myself.  I discovered on Saturday that Peyton had no shorts that fit him so we had to make an emergency shopping spree to Old Navy Sunday for a whole new summer wardrobe.

Big Daddy had stocked up on shorts last year so he is set.  Which is good because he is the hardest person in this house to buy for.  Last year I got him to get out of his comfort zone and buy some different lengths of shorts.  He has always been a classic mid-length short but last year I got him to try some shorter and some longer shorts.

Men have a lot less options with clothing than women so fit, length and pattern become very important.  It’s the age old saying of, if you are going to do something simple you have to do it well.  If you are going to have shorts than makes sure more than anything they are flattering and they fit well.  The other parts will fall into place as long as you strive to get the right fit.  Which unfortunately means trying things on fellas…

{This is an affiliate post for Nordstrom.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.}

Short – European (inseam: 5″ – 7″)

This is my current favorite length of shorts.  Big Daddy has nice legs and I like when I see a little bit of thigh.  I mean he’s in the gym enough that it’s nice to see a little bit of that quad work paying off.  I call these European because it’s a really popular length for men overseas.  I am not sure why but European men are a lot more adventurous with their choices than guys in the US.

So in this length one of my favorite trends is the rolled bottom on a short.  This gives the option to wear them longer or shorter depending on your preference.

Mid Length – Golf (inseam 7″ – 9″)

I call these golf shorts because they remind me of your standard Ralph Lauren flat front chino short that most men wear.  They have a clean and sporty look and usually come right above the knee or to the middle of the knee.  I would say that this is the most common length of shorts that men currently wear and if you aren’t sure of what the man you are buying for likes I would go with this length.

Things to think about with this length of a short.  You could go with a pattern or even a color.   One of my favorite current trends are the vibrant pastel colors that I am seeing with mens spring and summer wear.

Long – Fraternity (inseam 9″ and longer)

This is the longest and my most un-favorite length.  It always remind me of Justin in the fraternity in the 90’s or of basketball shorts which I also despise.  These shorts are really too long in my opinion and aren’t flattering.  Just like men want to see women accentuate certain parts of their body women like the same thing and shorts are an opportunity to show off your legs.

Being that these are my least favorite length if I was going to pick a pair they would either be a dark gun metal color or something with a raw edge.  I really feel like both have a more surfer vibe which I do like.

I know that this crazy weather is going to mess up all my spring dreams and get cold again.  It is bound to happen.  More than likely it will be on my birthday weekend in March.  So I am not changing out my closet yet but I am getting excited.



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