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Lent – When to Subtract and When to Add

I was not raised catholic but my grandparents are catholic so I was brought up knowing about the traditions around Lent.  In the past several years I have really grown to appreciate the season.  I like the idea of letting go and focusing in on something.  Whether it’s prayer, mediation or just looking to better yourself Lent is a way to re-focus yourself.

Last year I decided in my participation I wouldn’t give something up but instead I would add something to my daily routine.  I was going through a particularly challenging internal conflict at the time so I chose a 40 day of yoga and meditation challenge to myself.  Each day I tried to do a short yoga practice when I woke up.  Several days of the week I would take a 40 to 60 minute intensive yoga class and then other days I would meditate in my home.  It was enlightening to have carved out that time for myself each day.  I not only saw difference in my clarity but also in my body.

40 Days of Intentional Living.

This year I was thinking about what I wanted to do and I came across the word intentional.  As a wife, mom of three small kids and a business owner I am pulled in a lot of different directions.  Then add things like Junior League, Mardi Gras Krewes, Room Mom and trying to keep up with my friends.  There are many days I find myself with little left to give.  It is a complicated stage in my life.

Rather than adding something to my already busy schedule I decided to focus on being intentional with my time and energy.

Everyone needs a reboot sometimes. Just a time to consciously mind your words and actions.  This is what I am trying to accomplish over the next 40 days.  A chance to watch my yeses and my no’s.  To know that I am making good choices with my time and working toward something rather than just spinning my wheels.

I encourage you to think about being intentional this Lenten season.  We don’t always have to think about giving something up.  Sometimes our heart needs something deeper than that and a better lesson to learn.  Focus on your heart and what you truly need.



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