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Discussing Denim with Mackenzie and Me

Denim is probably the most common thing in every persons wardrobe.  No matter what you style is almost every single person owns a pair of jeans.  Just because they are commonly owned though does not mean that shopping for them is easy.  There are lots of things to consider when purchasing jeans and price and fit are two of the biggest ones.  I sat down with Mackenzie Millet of Mackenzie and Me to talk about denim and how she chooses her styles.

Question: How would you describe your stores style?
Answer:  I would describe my boutiques style as a mix of trendy but classic pieces. I have always had a love for all designer clothing, so I take a lot of inspiration from higher end pieces and designs and bring them to my customers for an affordable price. I love the fact you can buy and put together a gorgeous outfit and all the pieces are most likely under $100 but you can look like a million bucks.

Q: Why do you choose the styles and brands of denim that you do?
A:  The denim brands in my store were all chosen with all budgets and sizes in mind. My denim ranges from $42-around $150, and we range from size 24-32. We have a few budget friendly options (Judy blue, sneakpeak and just black, ranges from $42-58), a mid price point (articles of society, $60-88) and a premium denim line (A GOLDE, which is my personal favorite ranges from $148-198 for some of the wax coated options)

Q:  What is the biggest fit advice you give people when they come into your store?
A:  Fit is really different for everyone, really you have to wear what you are comfortable with, I find that most people love the high waist. Find what is important for you and go from there. All of the denim has so much stretch that it is easy to find a perfect comfortable fit

Q:  When do you advise buying less expensive denim and when do you splurge?
A:  I would totally advise buying the budget friendly affordable denim for novelty pieces (fringe bottom, step hem, ruffles, bows all the good stuff), I splurge on a couple pairs of denim a season and those would be my go to everyday jeans (this year it was an Agolde full length skinny with moderate distressing and a dark blue wash, and a full length black Agolde skinny) Whatever jean you wear on a day to day basis is always what I would suggest splurging on for me its a good ole skinny, but for my sister is a cropped flare with a ruffle so whatever denim you love and know you are going to get your use out of is what you go with.

Q:  Which of your brands do you suggest for these body types? curvy? short? thin?
A:  For the short girls I always suggest a crop, our favorite crops are Judy Blue and are $48 but we have them by every single brand in tons of washes and all kinds of detailing! Articles of society makes a great crop as well

For the curvy girls I would suggest the Judy Blue jeans they are totally affordable comfortable and cover all the trends. They have a lot of stretch to fit all of the curves and hug in all the right places.

For the girls with the long legs that’s me!! I always have trouble finding something long enough and tapered at the ankle so I am obsessed with my premium denim line Agolde. They have the perfect amount of stretch and the perfect high rise, obsessed doesn’t cover it! I get raves reviews from ladies of all sizes about the brand

Mackenzie and Me is open Monday thru Saturday and are located at 70488 Hwy 21 Ste. 700 in Covington.  Follow them on Facebook or Instagram as they update with new items almost daily.

Mackenzie is a wonderful shop owner and a talented stylist.  She can help you with so much more than denim so you will not regret stopping by.



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