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The Sunday Skim – Winter 2018 – Six

Welcome to the Sunday Skim.  Your weekly synopsis of all things fashion, family, food and drink, news, social, health, home lifestyle, beauty and in case you missed anything on the blog this week.  So grab your coffee, get comfy and enjoy the skim.

Fashion…  I consider one of my signature looks to be a bold lip.  I prefer red but I wear fuchsia and purple too.  This stood out to me when I saw the runway show because you could see the pop of color on the lip through the veils.  Check out Chanel looks here.

Family… The kids are off of school next week for the Mardi Gras holidays which means they are celebrating this Friday.  This also means that they will be home on Velantine’s Day so I am trying to plan a few things to do with them.  One thing I know we will do is have a picnic and park day but I was thinking up some fun crafts we can do too.  Here are a few things I found on Pinterest.  Valentines Structure STEM Activity // Cardboard Hearts Building Activity for Kids

Food and Drink… So many fun things you can do for Valentine’s Day food.  Breakfast // Lunch // Dinner // Drinks // Dessert

News...  The Olympics stated on Friday.  If you need me anytime in the next two weeks I will be watching that.  We love all of the skiing events, bobsled and speed skating.  I like figure skating too but it’s not my most favorite.  I did find this interesting article on the biggest scandals in figure skating history.  It does seem like that have a lot of drama in that sport in particular.

Social…  Tickets for NOLA Fashion week are on sale now!  Get yours here.

Health…  Since we are talking about Valentine’s Day let’s talk about Heart Health!

Home…  We redecorated the house last year and re painted most of our rooms.  Because of this I feel like I became an expert at picking out shades of gray.  It is unbelievable how may grays are out there.  Using a paint guide, like this, that already has the shades picked for you and their compliments can be really helpful

Lifestyle…  This has been all over social media this week but I wanted to share it again here.  I think Melissa Breedlove and I could come up with something just as fun and amazing.  Stay tuned!

Beauty…  I have always wanted a pixie cut.  Like really bad.  I just don’t have the courage to cut it because then you eventully have to grow it back out.  I love all of these haircuts especially for spring…

In Case You Missed It…  Kids Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas // Essentials for Spring

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