I am just going to warn you that this post is going to be all about my boobs and how I discovered Thridlove bras.  Just giving you a heads up in case you don’t want to continue reading.

In the last two years my bra situations has gotten a little desperate.  I was pregnant where I had the biggest pregnant boobs ever.  Then I was breastfeeding and they were completely lop sided.  Then I lost 85 pounds and they lost their shape.  Currently I am still breastfeeding a toddler but only on one side so now they are again lop sided.

Until recently I had been wearing nursing bras exclusively.  I started wearing them when I was about 6 months pregnant and I didn’t want to invest in new bras and then have to buy all new nursing bras when I had the baby.  After Porter stopped nursing during the day I really should have bought regular bras but I was just being lazy.  I started thinking about how much time I spend on my outfits and accessories and I began to think that I really needed to worry more about my foundation garments.

You can wear all the pretty clothes in the world but the truth is that just like a house if the foundation isn’t right the outside won’t be either.  I needed to worry about what was under my clothes as much as I needed to worry about what was on the outside.

I didn’t truly realize how ill fitting my bras were until I got a good fitting one…

I had been looking around but I kept feeling overwhelmed with where to start looking.  I have always had fit issues with bras and felt that they were misshapen within a few weeks after I purchased them.  Looking back I have realized that there were so many things wrong with the bras I was picking and that is why they were losing their shape.

I happened across a Thridlove ad on Facebook one day and decided to take the quiz and see what they recommended.  The very first thing they said was for me to wear a full coverage bra.  Um no.  I wore demi bras and I was like there is no way I am supposed to wear a full coverage bra.  I exited out of the quiz and moved on.  A few weeks later I was still uncomfortable in my current nursing bra and I decided to take the quiz again.

The second time I went through the entire process and decided to just order what they suggested.  They were offering a “try on” for just the shipping fee and if you liked the bra you could pay for it after so I ordered it.  What I saw on the screen looked nothing like the bras I typically wore so I was skeptical.

When the bra arrived I was so shocked in how well it fit.  First of all the cups were soft but supportive and well made.  The had stitching on the edge of the cup that I had never seen before.  A lot of the issues I had with my old bras was that the edge of the cup would roll over and always looked terrible under my clothes.  The extra stitching on the cup eliminated this issues along with the fact that I should have been wearing a full coverage bra.  Because of the shape of my breasts the truth was that I needed more coverage and my breast was the issue with the cup folding over.  There was too much tissue for the smaller cup so with the bigger cup my breast actually looked smoother, perkier and higher.  All good things.

The next thing was the straps.  They were wider than I was used to but because of this they had additional padding in the center of the strap.  Game changer!  I never realized why I was always tugging on my straps and readjusting them.  Well I know now.  They were too thin and not sturdy enough to hold everything up.  Also, I didn’t have to adjust the straps.  Like at all.  How they got them the right length for my body I will never know but I literally didn’t have to adjust anything on the bra.  I put it on and went about my day.

I think the biggest thing that I took away from this experience is how comfortable but supportive this bra is.  I used to be a person who wanted to take their bra off as soon as they walked in the door.  With this bra sometimes I fall asleep and don’t even realize I still have it on.  It is the most comfortable bra I have ever owned.

Next on my list to try is the strapless bra and then the underwear too.  I have them both in my shopping cart and am excited to try.

So my final thoughts…

  • Make sure that you are answering the questions on the questionnaire honestly.  It is going to be really important for them to get the correct size that you give all them all the details.
  • Measure and check your current bra size.  Again they are going to base their suggestions off of the feedback you give the off of the bra that you are wearing so make sure it is accurate.
  • Try the bra they send you more than one time and make sure you put it on the way they recommend.  Chances are if you have been wearing the wrong size bra the new one may not feel 100% right at first.  Give it a few days to get adjusted.

For $3.00 for a 30 day trial it is definitely worth a shot.  Try it out and let me know how it works for you!




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