Menswear – Getting the Perfect Drivers

Men are definitely more simple when it comes to fashion.  Just their options in general are more limited than ladies.  The choices for men have somewhat expanded over the years with designers and brands branching out and making things like casual sport coats, scarves and other accessories more readily available.  But at the end of the day most men will choose the basics any day.

When we are talking about shoes the same basics rules usually apply.  Men have a black and brown dress shoe, tennis shoes and a flip flop or sandal.  Sometimes they will also incorporate a casual shoe but I would say the average amount of shoes most men have are 3 to 5.  Because of this versatility becomes more important.

Looking at mens shoes it is easy to find pairs that will work with both summer and winter wardrobes.  This brings me to one of my favorite shoes for men which is a drivers moccasin.  You can find them labeled as drivers, moccasins or even driver mocs.  Drivers are a low profile loafer like shoe that are made from leather, suede, canvas and more.  They are a contemporary version of a traditional Native American moccasin with the addition of a rubber sole to give them support and stability.

Because of their casual look drivers are perfect for al types of weather and seasons.  They work well with jeans, pants and shorts.  To me this is what makes them my favorite shoe.

Here are some of my current favorites under $200… {This post contains affiliate links.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine}

I chose to post all of these through Nordstrom because of the free shipping and free returns policy.  IT makes shopping online a little simpler if you don’t have to worry about paying to return them.






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