Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – Winter 2018 – Three

Fashion…  Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than a month.  This year it falls the day after Mardi Gras so we are planning a low key celebration since we will all be recovering.  These are some cute options in case you are planning a casual celebration too… Be Mine Top // Hearts Content Sweatshirt // Piko Dress Red // Always Perfect Off Shoulder Top // Kissing Lips Sweatshirt

Family…  Snow and ice had us trapped inside two days this week.  I was very unprepared to have the kids home which is not like me at all.  We were sick with the flu last week and I didn’t get to do my normal Target run which meant we had almost no snacks.  I used to have a box of games and toys that I pulled down when we had a rainy day to keep them entertained and from tearing the house down.  Now that they are older they are really into projects and games they can build.  I spent sometime on Pinterest in case we have a few days trapped indoors again.  This website has some amazing games and play ideas.  Also, you can follow my Project Play Pinterest board here.

Food and Drink…  Ever thought about making your own king cake?  One of the other contributors at Northshore Parent, Aimee, makes the most amazing king cakes.  She shares the recipe here.

News…  The Olympics is a short three weeks away.  I have a countdown clock to Opening Ceremonies.  Seriously.  Our family loves the Olympics especially the winter Olympics.  This year we have our first black female to be on the US speed skating team.  Find out more about her here.

Social…  Parades start next weekend!  Krewe Du Vieux and Krewe of Delusion will be rolling in the French Quarter and Big Daddy and I are looking forward to an adult night out with our friends.  Remember both of these parades are more “adult” in theme.  Sunday we will be heading out to Metairie to see the Krewe of Little Rascals.

Health…  Just about everyone we know has had someone in their house with the flu.  They are estimating that this is the biggest flu epidemic on record.  Peyton was the only one (so far) to have it in our house.  When he got sick I started giving everyone a combination of elderberry syrup, Echinacea and vitamin C.  No one else got sick and I am considering that a win.  We take elderberry everyday for preventative daily.  It’s available at most health food stores and the benefits have been shown to reduce the flu symptoms.  You can learn more about it here.

Lifestyle…  January can be a rough month for a lot of people.  Especially those suffering from anxiety and depression.  Combination of things like coming down from the holiday high, a month that can be dreary and cold and other sources of stress.  This is a list of some amazing books that can help you deal with these stressors or just give you better coping mechanisms.

Home…  Keeping my bedroom organized has been something I have been working on really hard this last year.  I need a place that is just mine to rest and relax so keeping the kids out of the bedroom as much as possible has been a big part of that.  Also, not using our bedroom as a place to fold our laundry…  life changing.  I came across this list online and loved some of the ideas.  Especially the one about having a landing zone outside of the bedroom.

Beauty…  My girl and number one hair stylist, Johanna Frigola, is back in the chair.  Thank you Jesus.  She is working her business at Salon HG and still the master of all things wedding on the weekends.  She just launched a new Instagram to follow her work.  Check her out here.

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