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We are officially moving on from Christmas and on to Mardi Gras in the King House.  We kept our tree up like good New Orleanians until King’s Day but they rest came down shortly after Christmas Day.  We are now officially in Mardi Gras mode…

We had a wonderful Christmas.  I would say one of the best that we have ever had.  The boys were all very excited about all of the events we attended and hosted and of course they were excited to open their gifts too.  Pax was by far the most pumped up and Christmas morning he screamed so much we all had ringing in our ears.  It was fun to see them so excited for a holiday I love.

Big Daddy and I also had a wonderful holiday season.  Christmas Eve service in our home church and a fancy family brunch at the Lakehouse with my parents and the boys.  It was decadent and rich and we literally ate all the things.  So much so that we didn’t even want to eat dinner Christmas Eve night.  Every year I usually make out friend Mark’s Crab and Brie soup recipe but neither of us wanted to eat.

I asked Big Daddy to get me a camera for Christmas and he got me an awesome starter one to practice with and of course he wanted a watch so I obliged.  The kids were most excited initially about their Star Wars nerf guns but now their favorite are all of the board games that my aunt gave them.

So today, January 6th, is King’s Day or Epiphany.  Today is the day that the wise men can to see Jesus and officially the end of the Christmas holiday.  Today we can take down our Christmas tree and start celebrating Mardi Gras which means we can eat King Cake!  We bought one last night for the boys and they are having it for breakfast this morning.

King Cake is the traditional cake we eat during Carnival season.  It has become a delicacy that people enjoy year round now but traditionalists wait until King’s Day to partake.  If you have never had King Cake it is similar to a cinnamon roll and has frosting.  There is also a baby in each cake that represents Baby Jesus.

We also turned one of our Christmas Trees into a Mardi Gras tree.  It’s fun to keep the holiday going and not take the tree down all the way.  We decided to just do the one in the foyer rather than the big one in the living room because it takes up so much room.

This year is also our first year to be participating in Mardi Gras as more than just spectators.  I joined the Prima Donnas last spring and we will have our promenade the Friday before Mardi Gras through the French Quarter.  I also have multiple friends riding in the Krewe of Nyx so we are excited to be able to see them and get a few purses too.

So Happy Twelfth Night and get some King Cake!




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