Who What Wear – Olive Pants and Balloon Sleeve Sweater

Winter is finally reached the south.  This past weekend was freezing as was the beginning of this week.  With an early Mardi Gras this year it has me rethinking everything we will wear.  You just never know with Mardi Gras.  Last year it was boiling hot but it was late February.  This year with a February 13th Fat Tuesday means it could be cold or raining or cold and raining.  Never you mind though because we will have an amazing time no matter what.

One of the things I love about the winter is that you are able to stack on the accessories.  In the summer it just feels oppressive to me to have too many layers so in the winter it’s a look I totally embrace.  But sometimes it feels like the assets of certain outfits get lost under the layers.  I came across this look in Target in the Who What Wear section.  The sweater was a nice medium weight which is a good weight for Louisiana winter.  It can stand on it’s own but not so thick that you feel like you need to take it off when you get indoors.  The shoes were also another perfect item for a southern January because while they are lined in fur they are also a mule leaving the back exposed keeping your feet warm but not hot.

Olive is also a love of mine.  Almost as much as blush.  It’s a beautiful color on it’s own but it just works so well as a neutral too.  These pants would be as great of a wardrobe staple as black pants in my opinion.

Sweater // Pants // Shoes // Necklace


So stay warm, dress cute and enjoy the winter snap because you never know how long it will last.



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