2018 Pantone Color of the Year – Ultra Violet

Happy New Year!  This is our first post in 2018…

Each year the Pantone Color Institute chooses a color of the year.  2018’s color is Ultra Violet (18-3838) which is a beautiful dusty purple that I think will look incredible in spring looks.  Pantone describes the color the best in this quote…

“On the runway or the streets, Ultra Violet is an enchanting purple that provides a theatrical linkage for both men’s and women’s styles. True to the coupled nature of Ultra Violet, created by combining red and blue, Ultra Violet lends itself to unique color combinations in fashion and is easier to pair with all colors on the spectrum than one might think. With golds or other metallics, Ultra Violet becomes luxurious and dazzling; with greens or greys it evokes natural elegance. Similarly, Ultra Violet takes on distinct appearances with different materials. Lush velvets in the color suggest intrigue for evening, but are also unexpectedly modern in athleisure or sneakers. In accessories, jewelry, and eyewear, Ultra Violet suggests the complexities of natural gems, textures, and florals.”

So why does the Pantone Institute get to decide what the color of the year is and why does everyone listen?  Well Pantone helps companies make the most informed decisions about colors for their brands and products.  The Pantone Institute will help a company develop a color system for their brand or fashion line.  Literally everyone from paint companies to car manufacturers to fashion designers are somehow touched by the Pantone Institute and their color system.

When they reveal the color of the year they present ideas for a variety of industries and how it can be incorporated into the brand.  One of the things I love the most is that they provide grids with examples of complimentary, analogous and monochromatic color schemes that will work best with the Color of the Year.  You can view them all here but this grid is called Purple Haze.

These color grids are great for keeping on track with the shade of the color.  It’s easy to perceive a color match in your mind but in reality it does not work.  You can save theses grids on your phone to help you when shopping in stores, online or in your closet.


There isn’t a lot on the market right now in ultra violet.  I feel like we are coming off of the burgundy and emerald green train after the holidays.  However spring will be bursting with this color.  But if you are craving to wear Ultra Violet now I found some pieces that will get you through until the racks are filled with it this spring.

{This post contains affiliate links.  All thoughts, ideas and choices are mine.}

Spring stock will bring a flood of purples to the stores and boutiques.  The greatest thing about this years color of the year is that purple us very easy to wear and this dusty shade will pair well with lots of other colors.  Just make sure it you want to be authentic to the color that you use the grids to help you shop and color match.

Happy Shopping and Happy New Year!




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