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The Sunday Skim 12/31/17

It’s New Years Eve!  2018 is less than 24 hours away and personally we cannot wait.  I know a lot of people are looking forward to a new year because they think 2017 wasn’t so great but for us it was a wonderful year.  As I grow older I am learning to treasure each passing year and not wish my life away.  It truly is a blessing to watch my children get older but I am treasuring the time I have with them too.

2017 brought the launch of this blog which has been a dream brought to fruition for me.  2018 will bring new ideas, partnerships and content that I am excited to share with you.  Thank you for faithfully reading my blog and supporting me.  Thank you to my core group of ladies who I go to for advice and to brainstorm with.  I appreciate you all more than you know.

I hope that 2017 treated you well and I hope that 2018 will bring you more of what you want.  Enjoy this day and drink a glass of champs for me tonight.  Tomorrow starts my 20 day sugar fast.

Fashion…  So January is the month that we should take a break from shopping for clothes and turn our eyes to the home décor section.  White Sales will start hitting tomorrow and continue through the month.  Check out places like Target, Pottery Barn, Overstock, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Joss and Main.

Family…  What are you doing for New Years Eve?  We are having so friends over and celebrating Noon Years Eve with a few poppers and sparkling cider.  Kids get into the celebration just as much as we do but staying up until midnight just isn’t an option yet.  Here are some cute ideas of things you can do with the kids today and they are easily accomplished.  Check it out here

Food and Drink…  I love infused water when I am fasting from sugar.  It really helps to cure my cravings and keep my water drinking levels up.  It’s so easy to get bored when you are drinking water all day everyday.  Here are some of my favorites.

Health…  So I mentioned I am starting a sugar fast tomorrow morning.  I have been indulging too much in the holiday food and fun and that just is not going to work for my long term goals.  Starting tomorrow I am going strict on no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol and no dairy.  Well mostly no dairy because hello cheese.

This graphic and blog post is great about how to detox from sugar and also the benefits of doing so.

News… Have you ever wondered why they have a ball drop in Times Square?  Here’s why…  So That’s Why A Ball Drops

Social…  Do you remember the epic Mom’s Night Out I attended in September?  Well they are doing it again this summer.  Stayed tuned for details here.

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