Christmas Casual

I follow a lot of other bloggers on Instagram and really love looking to them for inspiration or ideas.  We all have our own style so it’s fun to see something they do and then put your own spin on it.  Every now and then though there is an outfit that just catches my attention and I want to do it just like they did.  That would be the case with this plaid top.

The Lovelry Grey posted this outfit on Instagram a few weeks ago and I just had to have it.  I love her style and find us to be pretty similar including a love of Target.  I put a slightly different spin on the outfit with my necklace choice but it’s pretty much spot on to what she did.

The thing I love about plaid is that it can be dressed up and down really easily.  This top looks great with jeans but it would also work with leather leggings or a skirt.  Pairing this top with a metallic circle skirt and heels would be a precious look for a Christmas party or with jeans for a school event.  At $20 (on sale this week for $15) its a great buy!

This post contains affiliate links for Target.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are mine.

Top // Jeans // Boots // Necklace

Big Daddy actually got to come to my photo shoot and snuck in for a few shots…

As always thanks to Melissa Breedlove Photography for the beautiful pictures.



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