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Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt

We started a tradition several years ago of taking the boys down to New Orleans to go on a Christmas tree scavenger hunt and the hotel lobbies decorated for the holidays.  Before Big Daddy and I had kids we would go each year to have a fancy dinner and walk around Canal Street to see the lights, streetcars and all of the hotels.  It has been a fun tradition to continue doing with the boys.

Since we have a December baby, Porter, it has become his birthday outing.  This year his birthday fell on a Friday so we picked the Bigs up from school early and headed across the Causeway.  We planned to make a quick trip to see the hotels and then meet up with my parents for Porter’s birthday dinner and finish the night at Celebration in the Oaks in City Park.

The great thing about going to see the hotel lobbies is that because they are inside you can go day or night and still be able to see everything.  To me this is what makes it perfect to do with kids.  All of the hotels decorate with trees and lights and many of them have full size gingerbread houses for you to view.  Some of the hotels have cookies and treats but all of them are bright and beautiful.  Since we have done this for so many years now it has been a interesting to see them change the décor over the years.

Our goal is to hit all the main hotels on Canal and a few on Poydras.  If we have time we also walk to Jackson Square and pay a visit to Café Du Monde and then continue to the Christmas shop to get a few ornaments.  This year we didn’t get down that far and we went to the Velvet Cactus instead and then to City Park.  Either way we had a blast and this is the track we took.

Basically we always start at the Roosevelt.  There is a parking lot not far that is easy to get in and out of and not far from the streetcar route.  Then we kind of pick and choose from there.

Roosevelt Hotel – trees and a gingerbread house

Ritz Carleton – beautiful ceiling designs in the lobby (3rd floor) and outdoor décor.  You can also walk through their gingerbread house and they have samples sometimes.

The Astor Crown Plaza – we didn’t go in this one but it is on the route.
Canal Place – Largest Christmas tree outside of Saks.

Miracle on Fulton – Life Sized ornament to walk through and snow every 20 minutes.

The Loews Hotel – Gorgeous Gingerbread house and metallic trees.

Le Meridian New Orleans – take a picture on their fountain and tag them on social media
The Windsor Court – Always beautiful florals and you can stop for tea
The Sheraton – Don’t miss out on the secret Rodrigue gallery.  Let me know if you can find it!

This is truly one of our favorite traditions and we look forward to it each year.  Although we usually try to end the day at Café Du Monde I think Celebration in the Oaks to ride the train which I think may be our new tradition.  Happy Holidays.


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