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Decorating For the Holidays

I am sitting here writing this by the glow of my bedroom Christmas tree, watching Merry Christmas Charlie Brown and drinking a peppermint chocolate coffee…

Decorating the house for Christmas is something that I really look forward to each year.  There is something really magical about Christmas and the way that it absolutely transforms my house.  I love looking the vibrant colors of the holidays along with the glow of the lights from the house and trees.  It’s just special.

I usually start decorating the week of Thanksgiving because it takes me a good 5 days between all of the trees and garland and other décor.  I also don’t let anyone else help.  I know what you are going to say but my kids will learn to survive not being able to decorate the tree until they learn proper ornament placement.  This year I started a few weeks before Thanksgiving because I knew we would be traveling.  We finished the inside first so that we could tackle the outside the weekend before we left.  Looking back I think everyone in our subdivision thought we were crazy but I was so happy to walk back into our house from our trip and everything was done.

I have a pretty traditional Christmas theme that I stick with each year.  I try to pick up a few things here and there to add to my collection but I am classic red and green.  The last few years I have transitioned my tree to a little more rustic and boho in look but still keep a lot of that classic red and green mixed in… and glitter.  I have a love hate relationship with glitter but the truth is that you have to have it if you want your tree to shine.

Other touches I love are my Christmas Tree collection that I display on my bar each year.  I have been collecting these trees since before Justin and I were married and I inherited several when my grandmother passed away.  Each piece in my collections from my ornaments to my Christmas trees to my dishes have a special memory for me and it’s a joy each year to take everything out and look at it all.

So here is our 2017 Christmas décor….

Have a very Merry Holiday season…

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