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Christmas with the Kings

We spent the last week in Florida with Big Daddy’s family celebrating Thanksgiving.  It was such a nice time and we were really able to relax and enjoy the time with his parents and with the kids.  It’s funny how you don’t realize how many things occupy your time at home until you are able to get away to a place where you don’t have to worry about laundry and dishes.  However we still did spend a lot of time running between houses and trying to take the boys to the beach and the park and then the 5 hour drive both ways that in reality was more like 7 one way and 6 the other which left us all in need of a day to recover.  We came home and I immediately jumped into Holiday Tea mode for Northshore Parent which meant I got to recover on Monday.

The Holiday Tea is the official start to our holiday season in our family.  This is one of the few events that I take the boys to that it fancy and requires them to sit down and use a napkin but I really enjoy it and so does my mom so we go.  Plus it’s not like we will be having a girl anytime soon so they are going to be required to attend a nice event with me now and then for the foreseeable future.  We had a blast and it really has me in the holiday spirit now.  Plus the boys got to see Santa, two were happy and one was freaking out, but we got pictures none the less.

We took our Christmas pictures with Melissa Breedlove Photography two weeks ago.  I had decided I wanted to do two different shoots.  One that was a more styled traditional picture and then one that was more fun for our Christmas card.  For the styled shoot I collaborated with Evie’s Closet for the boys outfits.  I love putting all three boys in the same shirt and then adding little accessories to make them more individual.  One of the things I loved about these Evie’s Closet shirts is that Brandi put a little navy in to the plaid making it work far past the holiday.  I like the fact that these shirts aren’t just red and green making me feel like they would only wear them for December and that is it.

For Big Daddy and I it was an easy choice to play on the greens and navy in the plaid.  In years past we have opted for something less holiday colored for our pictures but this year it was fun to embrace the season.


Me: Top (similar)// Skirt // Shoes // Earrings
Big Daddy: Shirt (similar)// Jeans
Boys: Shirts // Peyton’s Bow Tie and Jeans and Shoes // Paxton’s Vest and Pants and Shoes // Pop’s Vest and Pants and Shoes

Couldn’t resist taking this pic with my little feral monkey.  He is going to be two this Friday and it has just gone too fast.

I still have the fun pictures to show you and as soon as I pick up my cards from Southern Duo Designs you will be the first to see them!



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