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Christmas Card Pictures

We are taking our Christmas card picture this afternoon.  Each year so much prep goes into the quickest photo session of your life.  These days I have somewhat mastered the art of the family photo shoot in the fact that I plan a lot in advance and also only book a short photo session.  There is no way my kids are sitting for an hour or longer so a quick mini session is where it is at for us.

When I start prepping for our family photos I like to take a look at what cards are available online.  In years past Shutterfly has always been my go to place for Christmas cards.  Starting out with that in mind helps me narrow down what we will wear and where we should take pictures.  It especially helps me pick out what the boys will wear.  Last year I knew I wanted a black Christmas card and that I wanted a more sleek look for us.  It ended up coming out exactly how I envisioned thanks to Erin Troxclair who has done our Christmas pictures the last three years in a row.

A card can be a great source of your direction but it’s also important to think about your family.  Is there something fun to celebrate or highlight?  Are you more casual or do you like to dress up?  All boys or all girls in a family can make a difference too.  With all the boys in ur family Christmas pictures are definitely a time that they all give in and wear what I want them to.  Even though I usually get some push back from Pax.  Case in point the picture below when he refused to wear the vest for a solid hour before the pictures.  I was pregnant and I almost started crying.  Luckily he gave in before we started taking pictures and decided to wear it.

Trying to pick outfits seems to be a large part of frustration for a lot of families.  Coming up with a color scheme that will work for everyone and not breaking the bank on new clothes before Christmas.  With the holidays approaching and time being limited I am going to send you to a one stop shop.  Target.  Save time and save money on this one.  You can order straight from my post or go into the store but either way you can get it all in one place!

This is an affiliate post for Target to highlight their three new brands A New Day, Goodfellow and Co., and Cat and Jack.  All thoughts, opinions and choices are mine.




Holiday Fun


I can’t wait to show you this years pictures!  You will be the first to see it here on the blog.  Just have to wait a little longer!



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